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Monday, September 22, 2003
The 666th Extinction -- Essay by Lion Kuntz: "The 666th Extinction

Essay by Lion Kuntz

March 13, 2000

This essay uses religious symbolism the way NASA uses religious symbolism (e.g., SATAN rocket engine, APOLLO moon missions, GEMINI orbital experiments, etc.) The Biblical Apocalypse predicted 'fire from the sky' and the subsequent 'Death of one quarter of all the living creatures of the land and sea'. Modern science is predicting twice that, or the death of half of all species on earth within a century from now. One quarter of all mammals are presently threatened or endangered. Science predicts that ozone holes and global warming will be significant factors in the mass die-offs in this 21st century, which is fire falling from the sky even in an atheist's book. It is reasonable than to use the apocalyptic number of the beast 666 to describe this current event.
Farming has contributions to make to either saving biodiversity, or hastening it onwards into the abyss. Unless sustainable ecological-friendly practices are adopted, the trend is inevitably towards huge reductions (impoverishment) of the global ecology life support systems. Things now taken for granted, such as rain in due season, songbirds in the sky, butterflies, fresh air and fresh waters may disappear, forever. "

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