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Monday, September 22, 2003
Can 10,000,000 Organic Farmers Feed America?

An essay by Lion Kuntz

March 11, 2000

Can 10,000,000 Organic Farmers Feed America? Yes, if they do it the Ecological Synergy(tm) way. Ecological Synergy is sustainable farming for the next 10,000 years, which is higher-yield than row-cropping by four to twelve times the productivity on selected crops, They can do it on 50,000,000 acres of land (about one-fourth the amount of land currently under cultivation for agriculture in the United States), each working about 40 hours per week year-round, for an income of about $15.00 per hour. A single grower should expect a gross income after paying farming-related expenses to be about $30,000 per year. A couple (husband and wife) both working 40 hour weeks can double that income on typically five acres of cultivated property in good climate regions. In addition to the income as much as $5,000 of premium quality food "grown in their backyard" will go on their table adding a benefit beyond taxable income. Some of the costs of home-ownership are tax-deductable for working professional farmers living on their farmstead.

Antagonists to Organic farming have leveled many complaints against the style of Organic farming they have observed. Many of these complaints are true, but they are not complaints which apply to Ecological Synergy. There are money-hungry people who ply the agricultural publishing markets who have powerful selfish interests to preserve, and some of these people have made attacks on the Organic farm movement to influence the voting public to choose sides against the Organic farming methods.

The public has more choices to make than between just two sides. Money has been a corruption throughout society, and throughout the long history of money in all cultures. The public more-or-less knows this fact. O.J. Simpson and the Tobacco lobby bought all the experts they needed to create doubts about the truth of life-and-death matters.

On the other side, people typically paint the best, most rosey picture they can, hiding the negatives, and this includes both the Organic farm movement and the anti-organic critics. This essay is going to try to clear away some of the tainted rhetoric and describe things which can be abundantly proven to be true.

Farming is a world-changing enterprise. There has never been a city or a civilization anywhere which did not depend on farming for its existence. But farming has caused calamities of great proportion, including the demise of great cities and ecosystems when performed contrary to the ecological limits of the bioregion. The archeological diggings at the Biblical city of Ephesus show that the city was moved repeatedly as eco-disasters caused by bad farming erodes away the soil-base and silted up the harbor. Giant extinct species of "Cedars of Lebanon" once forested the now-desertified "holy land" as described used in the building of Solomon's temple. Bad land-stewardship has occurred in the past, and undoubtably there were people advocating permission to cut just one more stand of ancient trees to "preserve jobs", while five hundred succeeding generations have lived away their lives in the impoverished environment that was once lush.

Farmers need to be involved in solving the problems of the 21st century, and where their actions are causing problems, they need to face up to a responsibility to make changes in their practices for the benefit of the future and the rest of contemporary society.

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