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Monday, September 22, 2003

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Subject: [Palaces4People] Re: Palaces For The People -- in Mendocino County?

Re: Palaces For The People -- in Mendocino County?
--- In, "Michael
DeWolf" wrote:
> Lion Kuntz,
> Have you considered things like drywall?
> You can't have spaced-toothpick walls.
> What about taxes? What about making things
vandalism-proof? Seems to
> me that someone could cut through dozens of floor
joists in minutes -
> and the small size would make it tempting.
> To be honest with you, I've been waiting for someone
to come out with
> something like this. I cringe when people talk
about affordable
> housing as smaller, more affordable single-unit
> Affordable housing, and multi-unit housing is one
and the same thing!
> Michael Dewolf

I am anticipating that the structural soundness of the
flooring would make vandalism more difficult than in
most buildings. The flooring I am considering (and
engineering tests are not going to begin for months,
let alone already concluded) is a multilayer

There are three sizes of "Octet Girders", from one
foot depth to perhaps 1.5 inches. The basic structure
is triangulated. Between each triangulated main girder
is a triangulated grid of a smaller size, and between
each triangulated grid in that size is yet another
triangulated grid. The effect looking up is a waffled
set of beams, although the whole thing can be
concealed behind a suspended ceiling. The Octet Truss
beams are themselves encased in a cementitious
material, but not necessarily portland cement. It
appears that geopolymers are much more CO2
emissions-free and have some basic structural
advantages over portland cement.

There are two formulas for geoploymers currently
protected by patents. If I want to use either of those
I either pay cash to the amount of the asking price of
the patent owner, or I offer a valuable invention of
my own to the geopolymer patent owner, which adds
value to their invention and consequently brings them
back a satisfactory amount. In order to go the second
route I have to save a valuable idea from escaping
into the public domain, so that it has trade value in
wheeling-dealing with inventors who have the real
goods. Charity to the "community" is all nice and
dandy, but if it harms a project by giving away the
trade value to obtain a necessity, than "charity" to
the lessor needy deprives charity to the more needy. I
won't make that sacrifice.

From the top, looking down, the floors are flat. On
these floors is a sandwich of materials, again,
probably involving some geopolymers. Geopolymers are
artificial stone of the kind known as zeolites.
Although it is artificially composed, or made, it is
identical to real stone: completely fireproof, does
not emit smoke on extended contact with flame, does
not conduct heat very well.

The top layer of flooring is likely to initially be
ceramic floor times. Residents may choose to add
carpeting or other flooring eventually, but for 100+
lifespan, ceramic tiling is a primary choice.

Vandals will have to penetrate six layers or more of
very hard materials, and then they can only damage
small spots at a time. The triple triangulation of the
floor joists is designed to withstand earthquakes
beyond 8.0, and has redundant strength unimaginable in
lesser building methods.

The concept of 560,000 psi tensile strength is just
outside of human experience. It can't be imagined by
most people. Yet that is the rated strength of 144,000
tiny fibers per inch of a 12x12 weave carbon fabric.
Toothpick struts of an octet truss are unimaginably

The original octet truss was invented by Alexander
Graham Bell, but forgotten for decades. Buckminster
Fuller rediscovered it and patented it in 1962. Again
it has been largely forgotten for decades, with only
800 hits on out of over 3 billion webpages.

Based on the OCtahedron and TETrahedron space frame,
octet trusses by themselves do a tremendous job of
converting tension to compression, and compression to
tension, through a twelve-way intersection of forces
distributions. I have figured out how to increase the
strengths of OCTET trusses by at least four times,
using materials unknown in Bucky's time. Things which
were physically impossible to accomplish can now be
made routine.

In order to make use of the Octet Truss as a workhorse
for Palaces I had to invent a mass production methods
to make them in the quantities needed. This ranks as
one of those valuables which can he horse-traded for
geoploymer rights, so don't ask specifics -- invent
your own mass production method. I went further and
invented machines which can use modern pultrusion
methods for robotically mass producing octets and my
improved versions -- again invent your own, or wait
until Home Depot has them in stacks in the "lumber

I went through a series of highly detailed views from
every angle, and posted them on my website, so you
have a lot more information to work with than I had
when I started. That's my "backup": if I croak before
I accomplish my Palaces plan, others can figure out
what I didn't show from what I did show. I am just
keeping my head start, because I haven't croaked yet,
and Palaces has first dibs on my best ideas.

No good argument has been put forward why drywall
needs to be considered.

Toothpicks might hold up a wall. I have not proposed
that. I proposed concrete posts with a rating of 3,000
psi, embedded tops and bottoms in bond beams,
otherwise called "ring beams" even when they are not
in a ring, with several alternatives as the infill. I
explored, and published these considerations, AECT
compressed earth blocks with 140,000 pounds of
compression strength per block, as infill between
concrete posts. I also explored, and published,
considerations of using octet trusses with various
fillers as infill between posts. Some fillers for
octet truss sections could be shotcrete, adobe mud
("cob") or papercrete. I have also considered many
other structures, including bamboo where it is
available as indifenous material.

The reality I deal with is this: I intend to go
forward and get enough of these built that scoffers
die of humiliation. I do not intend to ever open my
newspaper and read that an earthquake or force five
hurricane came along and thousands died. The
engineering studies will be ruthless and rigorous,
occuring in well qualified university engineering
laboratories which do contract work for governments
and industry. The engineering studies will occur on
several continents. Nobody will get away with
publishing rigged or flawed testing results.
Engineering studies will probably begin in several
months from now.

Again, I need to reserve trade goods to wheel and deal
with the test labs, so again, everybody has to wait
until my sense of timing says "now".

I just published the first installment of the "Orissa
Subject: The ORISSA Budget -- Part #1
Subject: ORISSA weblog #1 -- Data for the Orissa
Subject: ORISSA weblog #2 -- Data for the Orissa

You will find the complete documentation that Palaces
For The People is feasible in Orissa, India, one of
the poorest places on earth. You will find that the
housing built after the force five super-cyclone of
1999, providing housing of only 12 square meters per
family, used more exterior walls than are called for
in a Palace.

The larger 25 m2 homes used 760 more meters of
exterior walling.

There is still a lot of math and engineering and
problem solving to bring down Palaces costs to the
range of US$ 632 per housing unit, but you will see
from this start (that's why it's called "Part #1")
that these are in the range of solvable problems.

I want to thank you all for being interested enough in
my little project to have commented on it at all.
Thanks to your talking it up,
has added 50 new links to my proposal since I started:

Yahoo! Groups : SustainableCommunity
Welcome, Guest, ...

The above is link number 18 of
Searched the web for "Palaces For The People".
Results 1 - 100 of about 390. Search took 0.68

Less than one month ago there were 340 hits on google,
according to the record I made in the first message of
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There were 371 links a week ago:

Little by little the intangible is being brought into
tangible reality, and you are helping that to happen.
Even "negative" energy is being used for positive

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Sincerely, Lion Kuntz
Santa Rosa, California, USA
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