Palaces For The People
Tuesday, October 28, 2003
2,000 Homes Burned Out in SoCal. 34 Palaces For The People needed to replace these.

34 TOTALLY FIREPROOF PALACES can house these 2,000 families each in 3,000 square foot home units. Expected US cost of basic construction materials, including solar PV autonomous electric system, would be $20K/family, excluding land purchase. The land required is roughly 180 acres, or the just slightly larger than the size of an average farm of a quarter-section. This land estimate includes roads 100 feet wide, four hectare-sized parks, and an industrial campus for employment purposes of four hectares of buildings. (A hectare is 2.53 acres, or just over 100,000 square feet each.)

These people would have 71 MILLION GALLONS of water cistern storage capacity for firefighting purposes, plus the buildings use no wood or any flamable materials of any kind in their construction.

They need never fear being burned out again!

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