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Sunday, October 12, 2003
Billion dollar budget to beat flood-prone Chinese river. 12/10/2003. ABC News Online: "Billion dollar budget to beat flood-prone Chinese river
China will spend nearly $US5 billion on harnessing the Huai river, which has been a centuries-old scourge for the local population.
State media reports some of the 38 billion yuan allocated to the five-year project will be earmarked for resuming water control projects abandoned for half a century because of financial difficulties.
The bulk of the money will be spent on projects preventing waterlogging, drainage of the main river and its tributaries, and relocation of people living in known disaster areas.
State media reported recently that 300,000 people living in flood-prone areas in central China's Anhui province would be moved permanently from their dwellings.
The sudden surge in money allocated to the Huai river, where 300 serious floods have been recorded over the past five centuries, has become possible as work on the Yangtze and Yellow rivers has progressed markedly. "

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