Palaces For The People
Tuesday, October 14, 2003
Ecocity, EcoVillage: Palaces For The People
1985-1992 Architect, Biosphere 2 Project, Oracle Arizona. Directed all architecture and design development for Biosphere 2, a three acre habitat for ecological systems, including tropical rainforest, savannah, marsh, ocean, desert, agriculture, and human habitat biomes
See Photo of BIOSPHERE II made of Octet Trusses:
Read what a teaching, practicing architect (Phil Hawes, GEV.Inc.) has said about Palaces:

>>> Posting number 148
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 22:50:07 +0300
Subject: Closing Remarks-Phil Hawes
From: Phil Hawes

"As far as specific projects are concerned, if our company financing proceeds as we expect, I hope to be able to integrate with Lion Kuntz¹s People¹s Palace project, and am considering how this might best be accomplished. My particular interest, other than his outstanding work on developing the overall People¹s Palace concepts, is in the photovoltaic breeder, and his micro-farming components. I believe that both of these should be an integral part of any real effort to create an ecological community, whatever size it may be. "

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