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Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Monsanto funds anti-organic scientist

Monsanto funds anti-organic scientist

15 November 1999

Ian Ewen-Street, Green Party Agriculture Spokesperson

Dr Denis Avery, a visiting United States scientist who has been quoted in the New Zealand media rubbishing organic agriculture, is not the unbiased voice he claims to be.

"This pro-chemical, anti-organics advocate is not an independent or a scientific authority on agriculture," Green Party Agriculture Spokesperson Ian Ewen-Street said today.

"Research by the Green Party shows he is a paid propagandist for multinational chemical and agribusiness companies, including genetic engineering front-runners Monsanto and Zeneca."

Mr Ewen-Street said that he had confirmed Mr Avery worked for the Hudson Institute, and that the Hudson Institute was a right-wing think tank, well known for lobbying on the Republican and extreme Right side of the American political spectrum.

The companies which funded the institute, and which in effect paid Mr Avery to sing an anti-organics tune, included the giant transnational food trade firms Cargill, ConAgra, H.J. Heinz, McDonalds and Philip Morris, the chemical transnationals Ciba-Geigy, Bristol Myers Squibb, Dow Elanco, Du Pont and Procter and Gamble, and last but far from least the genetic engineering leaders Zeneca and Monsanto.

"Once again New Zealanders are being subjected to a disinformation campaign orchestrated by powerful global interests, which care only for their profits and not for our health and well-being," Mr Ewen-Street said. "The Fourth Estate in New Zealand needs to be wary of being used by big business in this way."

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