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Thursday, October 09, 2003
Soaking rain a relief, but dusty out west [08oct03]: "Soaking rain a relief, but dusty out west
Peter Morley and Phil Bartsch
WATERFALLS may have been flowing again on the Gold Coast yesterday, but that was of little comfort for the 1100 residents of Capella in the state's central west.

While many areas in Queensland revelled in the welcome wet, the state's driest town was waiting yesterday for another road tanker to top up its dwindling water supply.
For more than two months the town, north of Emerald, has relied on water deliveries from Tieri, 35 kilometres away.
Each week the Peak Downs Shire Council ships 500,000 litres to Capella which normally draws its supply from three dams beside Capella Creek and bores.
But the creek has not run for three years, two of the dams are empty and there is reduced output from the bores which have been going since the big dry of 1993. "

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