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Monday, October 20, 2003
Toyota to Present "Ecology & Emotion" at 37th Tokyo Motor Show Latest Automotive News Auto Industry News Reviews Specs and More: Automotive News Car News Latest Auto News: "Toyota to Present 'Ecology & Emotion' at 37th Tokyo Motor Show (10/15/03 12:52:51 PM)
10/15/2003 Tokyo, Japan - TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) plans to exhibit six concept vehicles (eight units), two racecars and 21 production vehicles (for a total of 31) at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show (Oct. 25 - Nov. 5*1) in Makuhari, Chiba, under the theme 'Ecology & Emotion.'

TMC views the Tokyo Motor Show as an opportunity to propose new automotive possibilities. Over the years, the company has used this occasion to unveil a wide variety of concept vehicles and technologies. Under the banner of 'Ecology & Emotion', TMC's vehicles at this year's show will propose advanced hybrid technology for the environment and explore new concepts for our motorized society. TMC will also present numerous technology exhibits.

The concept vehicles and racecars to be on display are the:
* new-concept fuel cell hybrid vehicle Fine-N*2
* new-concept hybrid vehicles CS&S*3 and SU-HV1*4
* new-concept vehicles PM*5 (three units), NLSV*6 and CROWN CONCEPT
* Toyota TF103 F1*7and 'Indy 500 Winner' IRL*8 racecars"

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