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Saturday, December 27, 2003
Genetically Engineered Crops - A Threat to Soil Fertility?

For a non-technical condensate of this document, go to GE Crops - a Threat to Soil Fertility? (condensate)

Genetically Engineered Crops - A Threat to Soil Fertility?

For reasons explained elsewhere, the list of authors can not presently be disclosed. So it is presently published in the name of PSRAST.

Among the contributors to this paper have been

Three experts on Soil Biology and Soil Ecology.
An expert on Microbial Ecology who has done research on horizontal transfer problems.
A an expert on Virology and horizontal transfer specially in connection with transgenes
A an expert on Microbiology and Molecular genetics
An expert on Gene flow.
An expert on Genetics with extensive experience of transgenic organisms.
An Agricultural expert

Editor: Jaan Suurkula M.D.

NOTE: This on-line article will be continually revised as new research findings appear and comments and suggestions are received. We are grateful for comments, reports and observations of any kind, experimental as well as experiential, also from farmers, that might shed light on this issue. Please mail to Dr Jaan Suurkula at, but erase the x first (this is to confuse mail spam adress collectors).
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