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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 14:15:57 -0800
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From: Heide Hermary
Subject: Re: Prakash Cheap Shot
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Thank you, Lion, for passing along all the information you have in the last month or so. I, for one, did not know all this - most normal people don't expect such treachery. And how are we to find out except from people who don't mince words, and who have the courage to compile it and publish it for us. Heide

Lion Kuntz wrote:

>CS Prakash caught in lies many times in many places.
>Has credentials puffed up by phoney awards from his
>paymaster serial murderer corporations-owned
>front-propaganda mills. CS Prakash is a liar. CS
>Prakash is a fraud. CS Prakash is a hack phoney. The
>reason that CS Prakash has never sued for libel
>against all these charges of his frauds is because
>DISCOVERY allows subpoena of payment records of his
>employers which would blow the doors off their secrecy
>network, so Prakash has to stand and take the spittal.

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