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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

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From: Lion Kuntz
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CS Prakash caught in lies many times in many places. Has credentials puffed up by phoney awards from his paymaster serial murderer corporations-owned front-propaganda mills. CS Prakash is a liar. CS Prakash is a fraud. CS Prakash is a hack phoney. The reason that CS Prakash has never sued for libel against all these charges of his frauds is because DISCOVERY allows subpoena of payment records of his employers which would blow the doors off their secrecy network, so Prakash has to stand and take the spittal.

================================= note: The sound science of CS Prakash is quite different than what most of us take for granted. In a word, it is a sham—no more than expensive smoke and mirrors. It involves vicious underhanded tactics on attack any person, scientist, or organization that speaks out against genetic engineering. It includes multimillion-dollar disinformation campaigns, implicit and explicit threats, lawsuits, and any other means to discourage negative public comments from being known and/or believed. Personal attacks are more common than scientific attacks. This is because he, quite simply, lacks the one thing that he claims others do not possess, that being......sound science.

These attacks are financed and led by the likes of Monsanto, the company that we all know as the maker of Agent Orange, and other fine chemicals that have left the environment and people ruined. Prakash sound science is extremely myopic in scope—not at all inclusive of known facts. He is otherwise known as an industry flack or hack.

His own financers are the special interests who have arranged this Ministerial Conference in Sacramento. It is a "Dog and Pony Show" for biotech and irradiation corporations. The safety of biotech crops could not have been proven because they have been around for only a few years. Since there is no precedent to them, how can anyone know of their safety without long-term testing, which has not been done.

The benefits are so slim and/or negative that Monsanto has been bared from doing any business in one major state of India. There are hunger strikes by farmers against these crops. The farmers also burn GMO fields in protest and pull the crops. If a farmers field becomes contaminated by GMO pollen or seeds that farmer may be sued by the owner of the patent. And many farmers have been sued by Monsanto. They make vicious attacks on farmers in an attempt to ruin them financially and to tear apart the social structure of our society.

Prakash touts the endorsement of such people as Norman Borlaug. His ideas brought us the Green Revolution, which the "Gene Revolution" is supposed to remedy by making pesticides obsolete and increasing harvests. Neither of these promises has been delivered.

Genetically modified crops have nothing to do with feeding starving people. They are meant to control the food supply and make unforeseen profits for the people at the top of these corporations. =================================

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