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Thursday, September 18, 2003
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Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 14:43:00 +0300
Subject: Issues and Future of Ecocity Development
From: Jacky Foo
To Participants of the Panel Discussion on
'Issues and Future of Ecocity Development'
Between Feb and May 2003, the Internet Conference had 9 sessions that provided 225 abstracts and papers for discussion to 614 participants under the following 9 sessions.
A) Eco-settlement and eco-building
B) Peri-urban Agriculture and Forestry
C) Ecocity planning and management - Case Studies
D) Integrative urban water management
E) Ecocity Planning - Methodology
F) Urban waste management
G) Urban impacts and the peri-urban environment
H) Industrial Ecology
I) Human Ecology and Capacity Building for eco-culture
Participants also had the opportunities on different occasions to introduce themselves, tell people of their work and their interests, their publications, the work of their colleagues and share their experiences. They had access to a website with about 60 MB of materials and more than 750 public messages that were generated from the different sessions.
Between June 10 and 27th, we plan to have the final session of the Conference. This will be a panel discussion with a group of experts and panelists ( who are invited to draw our attention on important ISSUES related to the future development of ecocities. Some issues and concerns were discussed already in the 9 sessions and so the chairpersons have summarized them along with other issues as background materials for the panel discussion
( Members of the panel"
Palaces For The People -- In Japan: an ecocity, ecovillages proposal discussion group: "Palaces For The People -- In Japan:
an ecocity, ecovillages proposal discussion group
An Internet Proposal for Ecocity
Palaces4Japan Discussion Group
In February of 2003 This author, Lion Kuntz, opened a new website: The purpose was to present text and illustrations for a proposal for ecocity development around the world, where the public would choose to live in Palaces. The reason they would choose this, voluntarily, is because many attractive features would be incorporated within the buildings called 'Palaces For The People'.
Some of the attractions would be dependable, sustainable free utility services provided by ecologically-friendly, non-polluting technologies deeply integrated within the building architecture. Solar PV and thermal panels would not only power the residences, but the buildings would actually have PV breeders built-in which produce new PV wafers for making new panels at a rate of one per year. That is, each Palace For The People could grow the silicon wafers needed to power the next Palace For The People, and they could accomplish that over time in less than one year."
eco housing - Environmental Design Forum: "Posted by shelley on July 20, 2003 at 13:44:58:
I am really hoping someone may be able to help me. I am really keen to build innovative eco houses, but date I am struggling to find any really usefull information on the topic. Does anyone have any info they would be willing to share, or know of any 'usefull' websites or resources on the topic?
Thankyou very much I look forward to hearing from you "

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