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Monday, September 29, 2003
Newly created webpages, September 2003, Palaces For The People Ecocity - Ecovillage concepts
Newly created webpages, September 2003, Palaces For The People

Sharing Walls and Floors for Reduced Housing Costs

...Finally, picture 8 (Shared_08.JPG) uses one-third the groundspace, has 38 expensive exterior walls and 17 interior shared walls-ceilings-floors, for a total of 55. This is 24% less cost of walls to build and 24% less materials consumed than the picture above (Shared_04.JPG). Actually, only 53% of the walls in picture 8 are the higher cost exterior walls compared to the 72 weatherproof walls-roofs-floors of picture 4.


Ecovillage: 5,600 residents, 861,112 sq.ft. commercial spaces, 45 acres of Residential Space.
One sixth of a square kilometer, 15.21 hectares of total land surface, 25.6 hectares of indoor floorspace, 8 hectares of public-use indoor ground floor spaces, 17.6 hectares of upper floor residential indoor floor spaces, 7.68 hectares of outdoor roof-deck patio spaces, 7.21 additional outdoor ground level public spaces including one hectare park within one block of every residence. 861,112 sq.ft of ground floor public spaces for churches, temples, theaters, supermarkets, cafeterias, restaurants, boutiques, shops, workshops, clinics, classrooms, gyms, health clubs, swimming pools, offices, bazaars, malls, take-out food, pet stores, storage units, post offices, court rooms, police substations, libraries, art galleries, karate studios, bakeries, cyber cafes, bars, nightclubs, bowling alleys, auditoriums, day care, pre-school, pawn shops, bike repair, copy shops, antiques, furniture, car dealers, convention center, exhibition hall.

Orissa Budget Part 1-- Walls for Ecovillage Housing Concept

The length of weather-resistant exterior walls needed for individual housing exceeds the amount of walls needed for Palaces For The People sheltering the same number of people. Houses with only 25 square meters of floor space need 20 meters each house of exterior wall lengths. 118 familes need 2,360 meters of walls around them, but a Palace only needs 1,600 meters of walls.
After building the Palace walls, there is enough wall material left over to build 38 more houses of the small size, enclosing 156 familes behind weatherproof walls for the same wall cost as building only 118 detached homes. Palaces demonstrate this kind of synergetic advantage over and over again, providing more benefits at lower per family costs. Poverty actually costs more money and lifetime labor than Palaces degree of luxury.

Octet Trusses Tie All Four Corners of a Palace Together

Made of modern fiber strands in bundles, carbon, e-glass, aramids, PVA, Octet Trusses can provide the strongest structures ever conceived by the mind of mankind. Octet Trusses have twelve-way stress dispersal, almost instantly translating tensile to compression, compression to tensile, forces are dispersed over wide areas. Triangulation within triangulation within triangulation, grids of Octet Trusses unite all four corners of a building structure into a super-strength integral whole.
These pictures are "rough sketches" of ideas how octet frameworks can be erected to become the invisible skeleton behind the conventional materials covering the interior and exterior walls, floors, and roofing decks-patios of Palaces For The People. Made of space age materials are mostly air, so light they can be erected in modules by teenage girls, can be joined by "pre-preg" technology so that no power tools are needed at the building site.

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