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Action Links

Save Our Environment

The Save Our Environment Action Center is a collaborative effort of the
nation's most influential environmental advocacy organizations harnessing
the power of the internet to increase public awareness and activism on
today's most important issues such as global warming, anti-environmental
riders and more.

Buckminster Fuller

web pages.

Chuck Dingée

Chris Fearnley

Has his own home page, Bucky
web pages, computer generated polyhedra


web page. Reading list, Dymaxion Map

A Fuller Explanation

By Amy Edmondson. In this book Edmondson successfully explains Buckminster
Fuller’s Synergetic Geometry in simple familiar terms.

Joe S Moore's Buckminster
Fuller Virtual Institute

Fuller e-source

PORCELAINIA -- a digital portfolio
by Bobby Jaber

Chris Rywalt

A newer web site.

Solway Gallery

This site contains wonderful images of Fuller artifacts. The Solway Gallery
publishes special collections and artwork by Buckminster Fuller, such
as the Complex of Jitterbug Sculpture and the Dymaxion Rowing Needles.

Jill Swift

On Walter Bauersfeld
as the inventor of the geodesic dome planetarium

Web page essay
on RBF’s definition of Universe by Bill Peay


American Master’s Buckminster Fuller Thinking Out Loud

The World Game Institute

Comprehensive Thinking: Design Science

William McDonough & Michael Braungart Design

An inspirational site about the “Next Industrial Revolution”
being one without toxic chemicals, that is enhances human use, and is
generous in its output of energy.

The Long Now Foundation

Formed in 1996 in response to the accelerating pace of our increasingly
technological world. Its purpose is to stimulate a deeper awareness of
the power of our current actions and to promote the idea of long-tem responsibility.


Lays out methods that put into paractice what Fuller called “comprehensive
anticipatory design science.” It incorporates whole systems thinking,doing
more with less and advocates using nature’s principles of design.

Hypercar Project

Hypercar Project by the Rocky Mountain Institute


Renewable Energy Festival

Rocky Mountain Institute

“Using more with less”

Whole Earth Magazine

Educational Resources is a content orientated educational website. Its goal
is to deliver geometric modeling plans and procedures to students and
teachers via the Internet. Offers membership and models for download.

Activity Resources

Activity Resources catalog was founded to inspire teachers and students
to learn math

New Dimensions

Join New Dimensions Radio as they explore the social, political, scientific,
environmental and spiritual frontiers, through radio and television interviews,
with today's foremost social innovators, thinkers, scientists and creative
artists. And you can hear them on the web.


A link to Activity 28 of Jill Britton’s polyhedral web page which
is coordinated with her book of the same title.

Vega Science Trust

Vega produces science programming for network television treating science
as a cultural activity


Interested in alternative and hydrogen fuel?

Check out this extensive list of links
and resources.


Solstice is the Internet information service of the Renewable Energy Policy
Project and the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology.

Global Energy Network International (GENI)

Advocating the global electrical grid

Josef Hasslberger

Economy, Physics and New Energy
(some fresh air for a dying planet)


The Hunger Project

A strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of chronic hunger
and inspired by Buckminster Fuller.

The Hunger Site

The Hunger Site is an innovative approach to support those in need in
other parts of the world. Click here to donate free food today.

Models and Toys


A mind expanding modelling kit for building polyhedra, continuous fractal
stars and geodesic domes. Available in “glow in the dark”.

Roger Silber

Creator of Roger’s Connection,
an award-winning magnetic sculpture kit useful for exploring Synergetics


Glitter Globe kit
-- a transistorized buckyball for dedicated do-it-yourselfer
electronics buffs

Chuck Hoberman

Hoberman Associates, Inc.
develops and builds Unfolding Structures.

Design Science

Dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of Design Science
information in the form of beautiful objects.


NetAid Focuses on Ending Extreme Poverty

A global non-profit organization working on an overall effort to
eradicate extreme poverty, basing their work on five pillars: environment,
human rights, refugees, hunger and debt relief.

Jubilee 2000

A debt-free start for a billion people. Jubilee 2000 has begun
a powerful movement, calling on the World Bank, the International Monetary
Fund and the leading eight economic powers of the world (G8) to forgive
the unpayable debt of over 50 of the world1s poorest countries.

Science Technology and the Future

The Arlington Institute

At The Arlington Institute, we believe that to understand the future,
you need to have an open mind and cast a very wide net. We explore a cross-disciplinary
palette of issues, from the frontiers of science and technology to major
developments in mass media, geopolitics, the environment, and social perspectives.

The Aurthur C. Clarke Foundation

This web site is dedicated to the major scientific themes of Arthur C.
Clarke's life and work. Their aim is to create a valuable resource of
popular scientific and technological information on the Net. Ê

The Global Business Network

As a worldwide membership organization, GBN engages in a collaborative
exploration of the future, discovering the frontiers of knowledge and
creating innovative tools for strategic action.

Sustainability and Ecological Design

Ecological Design Institute

Applying the strategies of conservation, regeneration, and stewardship
at all levels of scale to produce revolutionary forms of buildings, landscapes,
communities, cities and applied technologies.

Center of Excellence for Sustainable

Directory of information and services on how communities can adopt sustainable
development strategies, sponsored by the US Department of Energy.

Earth Day Network

Earth Day Network is the nonprofit coordinating body of worldwide Earth
Day activities. Their goal is to promote a healthy environment and a peaceful,
just, sustainable world by organizing events, activities, and annual campaigns.
They also have an informative news e-mail bulletin called the Daily Grist.

Living Technologies‘
Living Machine®

Inspired by ecosystems as old as the earth itself, Living Technologies
designs and builds Living Machines®, revolutionary natural wastewater
treatment systems that accelerate natures own water purification process.
Living Technologies is founded by John Todd, inventor of the Living Machine®

Excellent resourcefor in-depth environmental information that is focused
on business.


Visionary and Practical Solutions for Restoring the Earth


Our Ecological Footprint

William McDonough

Article in Time Magazine on the Institute for Sustainable Design

Information on the Institute
for Sustainable Design

Synergetics and Mathematics

Rick Bono

Applied Synergetics
(web site), DOME computer program, VRML


Tensegrity Solutions Completes Assembly of Double-Layer Tensegrity Dome

Bill Collins

Tensegrity sculptures (and
gothic art)

Karl Erickson

-- web pages showing innovative use of Gerald de Jong’s Struck program

Paul Flavin

Focus on ’3-d’ topics in computer graphics: "Java, VRML,
OpenGL, C++ SDK graphics programming, it’s all the same underneath."
Includes Tensegrity.

Gene Fowler

The Synergetics Mind
(guest editorial)

George W. Hart

Pavilion of Polyhedreality

Richard Hawkin

Computer generated images & animations

Christina Moriarty Herlofson

He conceptuality of Fuller’s geometric models

Gerald de Jong

Elastic interval geometry’ as exemplified by Gerald’s evolving
Struck program, jitterbug variation, computer programs, home

Tom Longtin

Computer graphics
including tensegrities and space frames

Math Forum

At Swarthmore College. Lots of geometry

Jim Morrissett

Synergetics stills and Quicktime movies

James S. Plank

Polyhedral Origami


Scientific American Features Tensegrity

on Front Page

Sequoia Symposium



This modeling site features the ‘sodaconstructor’, which lets
you build, edit and animate two-dimensional wireframe creatures out of
masses and springs. Beware: going to this link may be fun!


Synergetics on the web

Thomas Gettys

Web pages, lots of ray-traced polyhedra:
Platonic, Archimedean, stellations and more.

Leftwich1s Tensegrity Sphere Page

Giving an overview on Leftwich’s experimentation with tensegrity
structures, pictures of some of his models and links to other pages covering
Tensegrity, Synergetic Geometry, Whole Systems.


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