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Sunday, January 04, 2004

21 Mar 01 BBC News
Leicestershire Health Authority CJD Inquiry

Traditional butchery practices are the most likely cause of Britain's first variant CJD cluster, say experts. Leicestershire Health Authority unveiled the findings of a report into the deaths of five young people in the village of Queniborough from nvCJD at a public meeting on Wednesday.

... The inquiry team believe the infection that caused the Queniborough outbreak could have been spread from high-risk brain tissue to cuts intended for human consumption via butchers' hands or knives. They say the critical period occurred between 1980 and 1991, and believe the incubation period for the disease could be up to 16 years.

They also believe only small amounts of contaminated material are enough to put humans at risk. The inquiry found that although all the victims did not use the same butcher, they all ate beef or beef products. The experts believe out-dated techniques used by some small abattoirs and butchers probably spread the disease from cows to humans. ...

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