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Monday, May 31, 2004
The Assault on Science and the Environment by Corporate Propaganda: Part Two

Corporate propagandists (CPs) sought a new chink in America's armor and soon found one: the Internet. It is everything a saboteur could want: anonymous, unregulated, and unchallenged, with open access to Americans of all ages and economic classes.

Now, CPs attack environmental safeguards from behind the "green smokescreen" (an appropriate corporate oxymoron!) of Internet front groups that purport to be pro-environment and highly scientific. These groups have engineered their own version of "environmental science" in which "green" really means money and anything that regulates industry is "environmentally" unfriendly.

Take the Greening Earth Society, for example. Although the name implies a group dedicated to restoring wildlands, their "greening" refers to the "greenhouse effect"--these folks WELCOME global warming! At GES, you will learn that CO2 is a great gas we just can't get enough of, that global warming will turn Earth into a veritable garden of Eden, and that those thousands of articles written by climate researchers around the world all rest on shaky ground.

Instead, we can rely on the word of GES's staff of three scientists, headed by Sallie Baliunas, an astrophysicist with Harvard-Smithsonian. But, hey wait! What does astrophysics have to do with climatology? Isn't that sort of like a sports clinic where the top therapist is a botanist? When I wrote GES to ask how much and by whom Baliunas and others are paid, they responded that they didn't have to share that information. However, they did admit that their major funder is the Western Fuel Association! (Which doesn't sound awfully green to me!). WFA is a $400-million consortium of coal suppliers which has dumped millions into "shaping" the "new environmentalism"

A little more digging and I discovered that the although the other two scientists at GES, Patrick Michaels of the University of Virginia and Robert C. Balling of the Arizona State University are both climatologists (in name, anyway), they have made a killing the pollution business, collecting fat fees from WFA. Between them, these poster boys for big business scooped up a cool $315,000 in less than four years in exchange for their "expert" testimony debunking global warming. Balling is also a hired mouthpiece for Cyprus Minerals, a mining company that funds the aggressively anti-environmental group "People of the West." That these "scientists" are allowed to continue teach young people at two major colleges is beyond my understanding. But then, maybe their schools get kickbacks in exchange for letting the two creeps keep their credentials so they can continue being "scientific experts."

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