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Friday, May 28, 2004
They know what de SMOKEville really is...

Authored by: LionKuntz on Friday, May 28 2004 @ 06:01 AM EDT
In 1994 Alexis de SMOKEville Institution did a pseudo-science report, lending
the name of a man long dead and unable to stop them from abusing his memory,
onto a hit piece to disable EPA regulation of second-hand tobacco smoke.

Please copy this article to news sites with reader-comments that are covering
this story. If 150,000 visit to Tannenbaum's site the weekend he posted his
comment is any indication, people want to know more about how to rebut this
corrupt Alexis de SMOKEville organization.

There is a well-document prior totally-corrupt report that illustrates the
villianous nature of AdTI. It was funded by the Tobacco Institute, and included
numerous "peer-reviewers" who were on the payroll of the Tobacco
Institute for years. It was designed to discredit, and cast suspicion on the
EPA, like the new report is designed to smear Linux and F/OSS.

These are the persons listed in the forward matter to the report as Academic
Advisory Board:

* Dr. Gary Anderson, Professor of Economics, California State University
Northridge, Polytechnic University, San Luis
* Dr. Michael Marlow, Professor of Economics, California State
* Dr. Nancy Bord Visiting Scholar The Hoover Institution Stanford
* Dr. Thomas Gale Moore Senior Fellow The Hoover Institution Stanford
* Dr. Gordon L. Brady Associate Professor and Director Environmental Studies
Sweet Briar College
* Dr. Malcomb Ross Research Mineralogist U.S. Geological Survey
* Dr. Jeffrey Clark Professor of Economics Environmental Sciences University
of Tennessee Chattanoogna
* Dr. S. Fred Singer Professor Emeritus of University of Virginia and
President Science and Environmental Policy Project
* Dr. Michael Darby Professor of Economics and Director John M. Olin Center
for Policy Program University of California, Los Angeles
* Dr. Gerhard Stohrer Director of Chemical Risk Science and Environmental
Policy Project and former Department Head Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer
* Dr. Robert Ekelund Lowder Eminent Scholar Auburn University
* Dr. Mark Thorton Professor of Economics Auburn University
* Dr. Michael Gough Project Director Congressional Office of Technology
* Dr. Robert D. Tollison Duncan Black Professor of Economics and Director
Center for the Study of Public Choice George Mason University
* Dr. William Hazeltine Environmental Consultant
* Dr. Thomas Hopkins Gosnell Professor of Economics Rochester Institute of
* Dr. Richard Vedder Professor of Economics University of Ohio
* Dr. Dwight R. Lee Ramsey Professor of Economics University of Georgia
* Dr. Richard Wagner Professor of Economics and Chairman Department of
Economics George Mason University

Of this group we find some of the most corrupt people in science today: S. Fred
Singer, Robert Ekelund, Mark Thorton, Michael Gough, Richard Wagner, and of
course the main author himself. Kent Jeffreys. Each has a bio that goes into
more details. Because there is an incompetent editor who keeps sanitizing the
pages, you may have to look in the "Page History" for facts this
editor keeps censoring.

For example, Michael Gough is not a good-guy, white hat. But that would be the
impression you might get if you read this page

On the other hand, if you look in the "Page History" for older
versions, 00:32, 28 May 2004, you will find THIS page:

So for any of these Alex de SMOKEville villians, look in the page history for
the dirt. for some reason, DISINFOpedia is disinforming readers and violating
their contract with contributors. They are helping AdTI to survive by polishing
AdTI's credibility and ring of contacts.

Unless there is a COST of AdTI's villiany, they will never stop until they run
out of corrupt industries to pay them.

People need to tell to pick one side or the other, and
that's the side he will be stuck on. If he wants to censor the truth about AdTI
and let lies flow free, there is a COST for being on that side, just like there
are COSTS for being on the other side. Nobody gets a free pass.

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