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Saturday, May 29, 2004
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Did Bill Gates Cuccold Ken Brown?
by: LionKuntz (55/M) 05/30/04 01:39 am
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I ask seriously? Did Bill Gates have extra-marital sex with Ken Brown's wife?

The reason I ask is self evident: Ken Brown is fixated on "cheating" but so personally wounded that his psyche cannot accept such a suspicion, so this deeply troubled man, Ken Brown, makes a projected accusation at Bill Gates nemesis.

In some convoluted fashion Ken Brown identifies with a "little guy" whose bride is seduced by the "Big Guy", and in renouncing the implications that Bill Gates had his way with Mrs. Brown in a lascivious manner, Ken Brown needs to punish the impotent "little guy" in himself by proxy.

We can all sympathize with Ken Brown's plight that Bill Gates has been in the bushes with his spouse, but we have morals and ethics that prevent us from inventing foul innuendos to smear our opponents.

No, it is not needed to invent distortions or lies about Bill Gates purchasing favors with Ken Brown's wife, when the truth is self-evident that Ken Brown and Bill Gates themselves have entwined in forbidden ways.

For Bill Gates the forbidding is the Federal Court system which forbids predatory competition tactics, among them the hiring of slut "think tanks" to slander and libel the competition. And on Alexis de SMOKEville Institution's part, this bride is forever wed to the false report published in 1994 found in the Tobacco Institute files by the attorney generals lawsuit against big tobacco serial murders.

Alexis de Tocqueville appears multiple times in files, especially in regard to the names of Cesar Conda, Kent Jeffreys, and S. Fred Singer. Look up the links to these Alexis de Tocqueville Institution propaganda agents, and other linked to their infamy. Michael Gough served on the peer-review board while meeting secretly with ASHRAE -- look it up.

Of course you will want to retrieve the summarized data from MENTAL_POLICY:_A_CRITICAL_EXAMINATION

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