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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Google Groups: View Thread "Urgent action call on US climate"

"James" wrote in message news:...

> I just saw a PBS thing on Alaska warming. No anthropogenic claims but a
> conclusion that it is warming a bit. So the question is one that I've asked
> before and went without an answer.
> If there is no anthropgenic warming of any consequence, is it incumbant upon
> civilisation to combat global climate change?
> If you just want to say "but it is anthropogenic" never mind. Otherwise I
> would like to hear an opinion.

We live on a planet which has had 20 ice ages of approximately 100,000 years duration with brief respites of interglacials of about 10,000 years each over the past 2.5 million years. The ice ages themselves ebbed and flowed, and the interglacials were uneven.

Climate is always changing. Those who have oxes which might get gored fight for action or inaction, whichever is better for them personally, with little thought for the welfare of their fellow men or fellow creatures currently alive, and much less concern for generations unborn.

The most extreme cases of selfish-self-interest go into the red zone of insanity defined as sociopathy, also known as "anti-social personality disorder" where suffering of others actually brings pleasure.

Out of this mix of uncertainty in science (science is only a century or two old for the most part, out of 5 million years of humanoid existence, so of course it has uncertanties), and a spectrum of human reactions from cooperative to anti-social, it might appear that nothing meaningful could ever be done about ADVERSE CLIMATE CHANGE. I doubt you could get very many strong advocates to oppose moderate permanent mild springlike weather, but that is not the central concern of "climate change" discussions. People are defensive to preserve a climate which could get a lot worse -- worse for crops, worse for leasure, worse for biodiversity.

So that is what the arguments turn around. What, if anything, to do about defending the climate we now take for granted from deteriorating?

Because of the corruption of a handful of scientists working in the payroll of a few very dirty polluting industries, there has been extreme polarization -- the majority of scientists with personal integrity are forced to an inflexible posture to not give aid and comfort to the "enemy".

The sociopaths thereby have "won" a victory by preventing a full range of discussions which might bear fruit if explored, because of the small kernal of scientific corruption which is perceived necessarily must be isolated and contained.

Weeding out the corrupt -- their execution -- is a necessary step at this moment in history. A global trial is under way, one never before seen in human history, where the evidence of sociopathy of selected scientists is being displayed in every channel of communication. Their voice is being euthanized, with full evidence of their crimes permanently memorialized. No future generation will ever question that their punishment was unfair.

For the time being, it may be better to limit arguments on the subject of climate change -- voluntary restraints -- so that muddy waters may become clear sooner. One of the sociopaths, Candace Crandall, S. Fred Singer's wife, is one of the sociopaths whose life is to be displayed in minute details on every channel of communications, so until PBS personnel have been investigated down to kindergarten, one needs multiple sources of information before trusting anything seen on PBS on the subject of Climate Change.

One's best reliance is a sound education on the principles of physics, chemistry, electrodynamics, themodynamics, aerodynamics -- then one does not require "experts" to do one's thinking for oneself, but can do independent thinking, reasoning from confirmed and multiply validated laws.

The "Precautionary Principle" was of course the earliest target of the sociopaths, to discredit the term and make it into a bogyman. It means very simply this: YOU may gamble with YOUR LIFE, but YOU may NOT gamble with other's lives. The best information must be allowed to be available -- you may not obscure that information where it gambles with others lives. People must be free to choose their own gamble -- not misled into a gamble created by profiteers or psychotics. This is ALL the precautionary Principle is, all it says, all it intends, all it is meant for. Freedom and truth and sanctity of individuality.

The precautionary principle says that future generations have rights -- it is not our world, but a world co-owned by unbroken successive generations in perpetutity. There is no "ownership" now, which may gamble with equality of rights of future generations. If necessary sociopaths will be removed physically from this world -- every last one of them. Don't be ambiguous. Fence sitters will find that the fence was not built on the borderline but far over in psycholand. All you need to know is this: if you even see the fence, turn around and go back.

Now we have a case where The Union of Concerned Scientists gathered up support for a petition "Warning to Humanity". The sociopaths, in particular the German asbestos industry, responded with the "Heidelberg Appeal" organized by Fred Singer and others. Tobacco documents tie Singer to the Heideleberg Appeal, to asbesto industry, and to themselves. The "Heidelberg Appeal" was ambiguous, while the "Warning to Humanity" was very particular. One was a sociopathic deception piece, the other one was a human reaction to scientifically trained observations that there was widespread environmental deterioration. One was written by serial murderers.

Singer is now being publically executed for crimes against humaity, crimes against nature, crimes against future generations. Nobody can save his life -- it was forfeit when he engaged on a sociopathic career path.

Rather than pursue revenge to the point that one becomes sociopathic in glee of prosecuting others, it will suffice that there be unconditional surrender and abdication of power. But self-defence against sociopathy requires it to be disarmed, even if that requires physical executions. The public nature of the current trials insures that sociopathy will be defanged, disarmed, dethroned.

As far as your questions on climate change, you spend far too much time on the internet reading uniformed opinions and countering with your own uniformed opinions. You could have had a post-doctorate degree by now if you had spent the same amounts of attention learning from people whom themselves have already learned the physical laws of nature and how they operate. You are reading the equivilent of comic books here, and arguing with people who are displaying the same vast undereducation you yourself display.

You were told this earlier today, and again yesterday, but it is repeated one more time. It is repeated and repeated until S. Fred Singer gets off our world, one way or another.

More documented evidence on the corruption of S. Fred Singer.

1993 and 1994 were busy moments in the life of S. Fred Singer. During this period of time Singer was using offices provided by Sun Myung Moon ("moonies") founding his "Science and Environmental Policy Project" ("SEPP"), orchestrating the "Heidelberg Appeal" to counter the Union of Concerned Scientists' "Appeal to Humanity", organizing two corrupt science reports published by Alexis de Tocqueville Institution attacking the EPA, participating in the Tobacco Institute "Whitecoats Project", and co-hosting two fraudulent science gatherings.

One of these science gatherings called "Scientific Integrity in the Public Policy Process", was co-sponsored by International Center for Scientific Ecology ("ICSE") and SEPP, both which were S. Fred Singer front organizations, held May 24-25th, 1993, at the Madison Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Singer, already in the employ of the Whitecoats Project, was globally known to tobacco executives around the world. Here are a few surviving fax references to the International Center for Scientific Ecology, linking the Heidelberg Appeal to tobacco stealth activities.

Three of these faxes explicitly mention the "Heidelberg Appeal" and the Paris ICSE meeting in the same document. The body of documention found in tobacco industry files includes materials impossible to obtain except by collaboration of the Heidelberg Appeal/ICSE key figures. There are drafts of the guidelines to use for the meeting, pre-meeting lists of invited panelists, and, of course, there is a particularly touching post-meeting report by tobacco industry stealth Whitecoat agent Peter N. Lee.

Lee's report, on the foundational meeting/seminar of an organization named "International Center for Scientific Ecology" has his amusing comment "Having said that, it was notable that no members of environmental organizations had been invited to the conference, so counter-arguments were often not made." It took a number or reading for the importance of that fact to sink in -- no ecologists, no environmental scientists with any understanding of the ecological world, were invited to an event hosted by "International Center for Scientific Ecology". Lee's cynical sneering of the "restricted" nature of this meeting is clear evidence in itself of the pure industry-propaganda purpose of this organization. [page 2].

''Subject: the Heidelberg Appeal ...This coalition has its roots in the asbestos industry. ... We are involved ... but we are being discrete because some of the coalition members are concerned about a "tobacco connection". Our strategy is to continue discretely supporting the coalition and help it grow in size and credibility.''

Up until the 1994 time period, Richard Mellon Scaife was the principal ultra-right-wing donor to "Institute of Humane Studies" at George Mason University. In later years Scaife's continuing donations would be dwarfed by Koch Industry, owners killer Charles G. Koch, and killer David H. Koch. -- In January 1995, the Science & Environmental Policy Project moved to Fairfax, joining Atlas, the Institute for Humane Studies, The Locke Institute, and the Center for Market Processes at "4084 University Drive" near George Mason University. Atlas provided a grant to IPPS to facilitate the move and help fund the organization during its first year in Fairfax.

Listed at the same address as SEPP and Atlas are Institute for Humane Studies, Locke Institute, and the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program.

The Institute of Humane Studies was a smokescreen affiliation S. Fred Singer used in an AdTI-tobacco whitecoats fraudulent science report during the 1993-1994 time period.

Certainly the most indisputable evidence of moral turpitude of S. Fred Singer was his crafting of the "Science, Economics, and Environmental Policy: A Critical Examination A Research Report Conducted by the Alexis De Tocqueville Institution" Date: 11 Aug 1994, Length: 70 pages

Culpable persons named as being involved in this corrupt activity were:
Academic Advisory Board -- Dr. Gary Anderson, Professor of Economics, California State University-Northridge -- Dr. Nancy Bord (Yonge), Visiting Scholar, The Hoover Institution, Stanford University -- Dr. Gordon L. Brady, Associate Professor and Director Environmental Studies, Sweet Briar College -- Dr. Jeffrey Clark, Professor of Economics, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga -- Dr. Michael Darby, Professor of Economics, and Director John M. Olin Center for Policy, University of California, Los Angeles -- Dr. Robert Ekelund, Lowder Eminent Scholar, Auburn University -- Dr. Michael Gough, Project Director, Congressional Office of Technology Assessment -- Dr. William Hazeltine, Environmental Consultant -- Dr. Thomas Hopkins, Gosnell Professor of Economics, Rochester Institute of Technology -- Dr. Dwight R. Lee, Ramsey Professor of Economics, University of Georgia -- Dr. Michael Marlow, Professor of Economics, California State Polytechnic University-San Luis Obispo -- Dr. Thomas Gale Moore, Senior Fellow The Hoover Institution, Stanford University -- Dr. Malcolm Ross, Research Mineralogist U.S. Geological Survey -- Dr. S. Fred Singer Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia and President Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) -- Dr. Gerhard Stohrer, Director of Chemical Risk Program, Science and Environmental Policy Project, and former Department Head Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research -- Dr. Mark Thornton, Professor of Economics Auburn University -- Dr. Robert D. Tollison, Duncan Black Professor of Economics and Director Center for the Study of Public Choice, George Mason University -- Dr. Richard Vedder, Professor of Economics, University of Ohio -- Dr. Richard Wagner, Professor of Economics and Chairman, Department of Economics, George Mason University

Author: Kent Jeffreys,
Principal Reviewer: Dr. S. Fred Singer,
Senior Staff and Contributing Associates:
Rachael Applegate, Bruce Bartlett, Merrick Carey, Cesar Conda, Gregory Fossedal, Dave Juday, Felix Rouse, Aaron Stevens.

Not one single member of the "Academic Advisory Board", the so-called "peer-reviewers", can be found clean of taint of corruption. Almost every one of them has important monetary attachments to Tobacco Whitecoats Project, George Mason University (Scaife-Koch) funding, and/or other dirty-industry flacking.

Recall that ICSE/Heidelberg Appeal "has its roots in the asbestos industry" and the section on asbestos in this AdTI report makes more sense than if looked at only as a tobacco-funded smokescreen.

William Hazelton operated a lab for the DDT whitewash -- DDT was banned as environmentally disasterous, and the bugs soon developed resistant mutations, so it was ineffectual as well, NOT because it was cancer-causing, but Hazelton's disproof of cancer-causing is supposed to show the EPA was wrong to ban DDT. DDT also appeared in tobacco, having saturated the growing soils and having a very long half-life in the soils, so tobacco funded the tobacco-friendly spokesperson Hazelton lavishly.

Hazelton was party to the fraudulent AdTI 1994 'science report" by S. Fred Singer and Kent Jeffreys. the AdTI report of main controversy was: "Science, Economics, and Environmental Policy: A Critical Examination, A Research Report Conducted by the Alexis De Tocqueville Institution", where Hazelton was listed as "Academic Advisory Board" member. Hazelton is listed on page 14 of this RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company document,, as receiving $479,357 in 1987, $763,995 in 1998, and budgeted for $550,000 in 1989.

Another turncoat, "whitecoat Robert D. Tollison" received these check numbers:
page 6:
Cumulative General Ledger the Tobacco Institute Inc. Period Ending 09-30-87
* Robert D. Tollison Check #42538 87-MAR-30 $16,450
* Robert D. Tollison Check #44247 87-MAY-29 $14,075
page 7:
* Robert D. Tollison Check #45160 87-JUL-07 $27,388
* Robert D. Tollison Check #45717 87-JUL-22 $7,750 (Totals paid over 5 months = $65,663.)

Gary Anderson - Tobacco Industry stealth consultant 1988-1996 -- (Tobacco Institute) -- (American Tobacco Company) -- (Tobacco Institute) -- (Tobacco Institute) -- (American Tobacco Company) -- (American Tobacco Company) -- (Lorillard Tobacco Company) -- (Lorillard Tobacco Company) -- (Lorillard Tobacco Company) -- (Tobacco Institute) -- (Tobacco Institute) -- (Tobacco Institute) -- (Tobacco Institute) -- (Tobacco Institute) -- (Tobacco Institute) -- (Tobacco Institute) -- The Tobacco Institute -- (Philip Morris) --

These are the "peer-reviewers" that S. Fred Singer, "senior reviewer" assembled for the "Academic Advisory Board" on the AdTI smear campaign on the EPA's scientific integrity.

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