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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

"Ken Brown STOLE Samizdat from AdTI intern... here's proof!"

Authored by: LionKuntz on Tuesday, June 08 2004 @ 07:13 PM EDT

Ken Brown STOLE Samizdat from AdTI intern... here's proof!

Not only outsourcing FUD to Ukraine, but using interns to ghostwrite

Curriculum Vitae
Yuliya Melnyk

Current Position: Associate Professor of English as a Foreign Language,
Kirovohrad State Pedagogical University

Office Address
Department of the English Language,
Kirovohrad State Pedagogical University
1, Vulytsa Shevchenko,
Kirovohrad, Ukraine 25006
Tel.: (0522)29-31-35

Home Address10, Vulytsa Myra, apt. 72Kirovohrad,Ukraine 25026 Tel.: (0522)

March 2001-July 2001
Intern in Alexis de Tocqueville Institution (ADTI),
non-profit, non-partisan policy institution headquartered in Arlington, VA,
-Write white papers on technology and telecommunication
-Publication of work on intellectual property
-Analysis of corporate strategy behind political contributions
-Create databases of journalist organizations
-Create interest in ADTI website from teachers in Ukraine
Contact: Kenneth P. Brown, President. 1611 North Kent Street, Suite 901,
Arlington, VA, 22209
Tel: 703-351-4969, cell phone: 703-608-4222

PS. wait until you do a google search of that address of AdTI's: "1611
North Kent Street, Suite 901"

Better Business Bureau FRAUD WARNINGS and all!!! HeHeHe.

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