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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Microsoft Calls AdTI "Study" an "Unhelpful Distraction"

Authored by: LionKuntz on Wednesday, June 16 2004 @ 01:50 AM EDT
Microsoft has seen agressive retaliatory responses against AdTI. M$ sees the
heighening of such responses subject to emulation by copycats. Rather than allow
a bad gambit to create a permanent counterstrike force, AdTI is thrown to the
wolves in a PUBLIC refutation.

AdTI has already generated a whirlwind of investigations that will decapitate
it. It has no future. The forces released cannot be easily recalled or stilled,
even if anybody wanted that.

Using the WALL STREET JOURNAL as the vehicle to inform AdTI that they can please
fall on their sword now, and cease to exist, is not a measure of how BAD ADTI

AdTI was not talking to nerds -- not for one New York Minute. AdTI was talking
to legislators, to newspaper publishers, to talk show hosts, telling them what
the new script would be for all the chorus to sing in unison. AdTI is only one
of a phalanx of choirboys in this chorus -- five other think tanks were
identified in the anti-Linus, anti-"Open Source" hit squad.

The COUNTERSTRIKE FORCE hit back, not with nerdy expose's of minutia about Minux
v Linux (yawn), but by exposing AdTI's dirty laundry from the Tobacco archives
online, linking past and present puppet figures who toady the party line with
sordid and tawdry payoffs from truely villianous and hated industries. The
counterstrike team has been dismantling AdTI as an organization, as a vehicle
for use ever again.

AdTI was a liability, a causualty of war, a consumable resource of no more value
than a used kleenex. "Important people" might have gotten hurt, if the
counterstrike force kept digging, kept uncovering yet more links to dirty
business almost too old to be news any more.

Keystone individuals, priceless because of the difficulty of replacing them,
were in (are in) imminent danger of being negated and forced off the playing
field. This is about POWER, not MONEY -- M$ has billions and Gates personally
has as much again. It has been all about domination and control.

Sloppy planning left AdTI a role after the tobacco trials had put too many
incriminating documents into public domain, records deposited in court case
histories too numerous, with too many citations in too many places to ever
sanitize them all. AdTI should have been retired and the pieces recycled, like
so many other front operations have been before it. Instead, somebody goofed,
and kept it going, and it ended up with a piece of the M$ contract (contract as
in mafia contract, meaning "execution") on Linux and Open Source.

It is about POWER and DOMINATION, not money.

The COUNTERSTRIKE FORCE hit AdTI so hard that a very public symbol had to be
made to everybody that AdTI is "on its own", sink or swim by its own
strength. That's what the WSJ article is saying. Reporters don't write news --
they write the news that their editors (and the rich people who own media)
permit to be written. It doesn't matter what a reporter wants to write -- the
editor has the blue pencil to scratch out anything that doesn't fit the
definition of news by the powers that govern the media.

So, this is a "statement" from power to power -- we acknowledge your
ability to inflict pain. "our peace offering is you can have AdTI
duct-taped in a package for all we care", but we are aware of who YOU are
now". Don't underestimate AdTI's director Christopher Cox's role on
"Homeland Security", or the power of the world's biggest software
company to do research.

It's a victory won at a price. The COUNTERSTRIKE TEAM will now have to engage in
multiple defensive actions off the radar screens of the nerds who have gone back
to sleep. This was anticipated in the beginning. The night-shift has been
fighting for your freedoms for years as the subversion of America has proceeded
during your long naps.

SCO and AdTI are merely pawns, not even important enough to be actual players
themselves. This is "news", but not the "news" it looks like
on the surface. People who play covert conniving games, like M$ or AdTI, can
never be judged on the surface appearances.

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