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Monday, June 14, 2004
SANET-MG Archives -- June 2004 (

--- Dale Wilson wrote:
> Hello Douglas,

> As an aside, I am interested in how you judge whether or not actions
> are "natural" or "unnatural" and why that (supposed) dichotomy has such
> a large ethical content.
> The idea of immutable, essential "species" (not only in the biological
> realm) comes from Plato. Do you think there is a biological basis for
> "species"?
> Dale

The "ethical" quandry in Genetic Engineering is the violation of three essential
principles of an open democratic society, and the violation of one principle of nature.

These are, respectively:
(1) Full disclosure of biases so that people can judge the probable amounts of
self-deception and probable intentional deceptiveness that accompanies large
temptations of money,
(2) Full informed consent, so that people take risks having unrestricted access to all
the potential outcomes of choosing or refusing any subset of choices or alternatives,
(3) Freedom to decline to become a participant in experiments.

The Fourth principle is a principle of Nature, the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE, which
states an eye-for-an-eye, a life-for-a-life. Under the precautionary principle YOU may
gamble with YOUR LIFE, but you will be executed for sociopathic behaviors if YOU gamble
with the lives of OTHERS in violation of any combination of one or more of the above

To make it clearer on a personal level, Dale Wilson will be strapped down on a gurney,
an IV needle will be inserted into a vein, and a toxic chemical composing a lethal
injection will be forced under pressure through that assembly to terminate the life of
Dale Wilson if it is demonstrated in a court of law that Dale Wilson participated in
any concerted action with others which was the proximate cause of their death.

So Dale Wilson has:
(A) a motivation to investigate the dangers of adulterants in the food supply,
(B) has motivation to investigate the non-corruptedness of the regulatory process which
allows such adulterants into the food supply, and
(C) has motivation to insure that Dale Wilson's public statements do not mislead others
into their peril.

The reason Dale Wilson is equipped with these motivations is an artifact of nature,
that the universe has intelligent direction, that humans evolved in a context, that
society has formed punishments for wickedness. These are forces of nature which cannot
be denied or refuted. It mattes not whether Dale Wison was a corrupt person employed by
Monsanto, loaned to the FDA to oversee Monsanto approvals, or that Dale Wison was only
the getaway driver sowing confusion and deceptive arguments on the internet. His
specific role is irrelevent to the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE that he gambled with others
lives and forfeits his when the gamble fails.

In order to understand the workings of the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE, an object lesson is
now before the global public. S. Fred Singer has been chosen as a demonstration of the
execution of an individual for complicity in mass murder and corporate serial murder.

So that there is nothing "sexy" about deceptions in science, or using science as a
vehicle in driving the getaway car for murderers, the unfolding fate of S. Fred Singer
is being publically documented on all channels of communications. As you read this, S.
Fred Singer's sordid history is leaking out on all channels of communications, and
hourly one can watch his story rise in the GOOGLE results list as more persons
worldwide post excerps of his life story, and his fall.

My contributions to this effort are located on my weblog and my website,

If the very-well-connected S. Fred Singer is unable to avert the path to his gurney,
what chance does Dale Wilson have to avert his destiny with a similar gurney?

Responsibility is not an "optional behavior" in society -- it is mandatory, with severe
punishment for violations. Violators will not be mourned nor missed.


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