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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Indisputable Corruption of George C. Marshall Institute's Frederick
Seitz, Disgraced, Malignant, and the Conspiracies he has been involved


Frederick Seitz applied to RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company for work in 1978.

His proposal was to oversee the medical research grants given out to
worthwhile research projects. However, unknown to the public, tobacco
companies had discovered for certainty that their products had health
damage as early as the 1950s. They had concealed the health damages from the customers, and fended off all health claim lawsuits for 20 years by the time Seitz began working hand-in-glove with them.

One might be inclined to give Seitz the benefit
of the doubt, but the evidence does not allow this. Cigarette smoking
kills people and cause a long list of other health problems. The
tobacco companies knew that through their own suppressed research -- to
engage Seitz to discover what they already knew was a waste of
money, and they might as well confess to the newspapers if they
believed they were hiring an honest man. Since they believed that Seitz

was going to help them continue a coverup that had succeeded for 20
years already, we are compelled to believe that private discussions
covered the true nature of Seitz's employment.

For a certainty, either Seitz was incredibly
incompetent as a medical researcher, or else he was corrupt, because
the diligent research of the secret tobacco laboratory investigations
found health damage from smoking, and eventually laboratories outside the tobacco industry also did so
without any funding money from the tobacco companies. The ONLY research
which was unable to find any significant health damage by cigarettes
was outside public laboratories who took tobacco payoff money, and Seitz directed the payoff money to these labs.

Frederick Seitz directed the spending of over $45,000,000.00

of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company medical research money. He himself was
paid $65,000 per year, and may have pocketted $1,000,000 (or more) for
his corrupt activities for the tobacco companies over 16 years.

With that much money to pay qualified scientists and
doctors, there can only be one explanation why no health problems were
ever discovered by Seitz's research teams -- he sought people who would not look hard for health damage, and he paid them very well to not look hard (normally $3 million per lab over six years).
He kept in contact to see that research money was spent where it would
do the least good. He chose projects that looked in places where there
was nothing to find.

Eventually a Canadian laboratory not funded with tobacco money came up with results that could not be discredited and could not be bluffed out of publishing the results. From that moment the tobacco industry changed plans to attack regulations as the result of uncertain "junk science".

Seitz's medical cover-up operation was no longer useful, and it was scrapped. but Seitz soon reinvented himself as a crusader against the FDA and government "junk science" regulations.

These are Tobacco Industry documents, which taken as a
whole, demonstrate that Seitz continued undermining medical evidence of
the Tobacco Serial Murders of a proven health hazard, since 1990. Sietz
prestige was sold in the marketplace to the highest bidder, and he
mouthed what they needed him to say for pay, regardless of the truth
behind the science.

The Legacy Tobacco Documents Library (LTDL) contains almost 7 million
documents related to advertising, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and
scientific research of tobacco products. Visitors can search, view, and
download these documents from this web site. If you are new to the site
or would like to learn about advanced search features, visit the
tutorial or the brief guide to searching.

The LTDL includes documents posted on tobacco industry
web sites as of July 1999 in accordance with the Master Settlement
Agreement, additional documents added to those sites since that date,
and the Mangini and Brown & Williamson document collections from
the Tobacco Control Archives maintained by the University of
California, San Francisco. New documents are added monthly as they are
collected from industry sites. Additions are noted on our announcements

Since computers cannot "read" images, and do not
automatically OCR scanned documents, these following documents have
never been registered with the search engine or any of the
others. Further, search engines usually cannot enter commands for
searches in databases, so they cannot even retrieve the index list to
scanned documents. This page corrects an omission in the records
tagging Fred Seitz with his tobacco accessory-to-conspiracy trail of
evidence. Whenever the name Fred Seitz is searched, these documents
should haunt his future forever. This is a public service to rid
society of a dangerous sociopath predator.

Additional documentation of Seitz involvement in FELONY
conspiracy is posted online in various databases. Some pointers to
those databases are found collected in some of the following webpages
with many clickable links.

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