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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Subject: The Corruption of Science -- dossiers on the worst science crooks
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Here's an excerpted section from one of the pages:

"Students", who very likely were Moonie 'mobil units' ordered to
participate, posed as dedicated protesters against Global Warming in
Bonn Germany.

All the news stories describe how the students were each required to
spend $1,000 of their own money to join the group departure.

However IRS filings from S. Fred Singer's SEPPtic Tank show that the
money was paid for the expenses by his covert unlisted corporate
backers, and a $44,520 expense was listed on the 990 report.

Plus SEPP bragged about it on their website.

So the mock dedicated "students" were paid props in an orchestrated
fraud that repeated, before and DURING, the protest claimed these
students were pure as new fallen snow and paid their way out of

Before they could depart, there was a two-day training session to tell
them what to answer to questions -- in other words, their employer
described the job duties and performance behaviors the same way
McDonals's trains its help to ask "You want fries with that?"

This is one of hundreds of revelations of organized fraud, organized
crime, which has involved stupid young people who may end up in prison
for their participation. Whatever they are paying you, sharing a cell
with a FELONY record with Bubba the 300 pound horny weightlifter is
the payoff they forgot to mention. OH, you think you won't get caught
-- they did. They DID get caught, and so will you.

GERMANY: July 19, 2001 BONN, Germany - As anarchists in Genoa prepared to storm the G8 summit this weekend, a new breed of protester was on the streets of Bonn on Wednesday - clean-cut conservatives opposing the climate treaty being discussed there.

While their leftist counterparts in Italy planned protests against globalisation and US defence and environment policies, a small group of US Republican students travelled to Germany to defend their government's stance on global warming.

Around 20 protesters marched outside the security gates of the United Nations negotiations which will decide the future of the 1997 Kyoto climate pact, to back US President George W. Bush's decision to dump the deal.

"This was an opportunity to come and support our country, support our president and oppose a terrible treaty," said Craig Rucker, Executive Director of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow which organised the protest.

Rucker, who said he spearheaded a campaign last year against the environmentalist US presidential candidate Ralph Nader, told Reuters around 40 like-minded students from around the United States had paid their own way to travel to Germany to press the rest of the world to scrap Kyoto.

"Our purpose in this project is to prove that the average college student isn't a Nader-voting, tree-hugging radical leftist," declared the group's website which the students had set as the homepage on computers available to delegates. ...
Bread and Circuses By Lowell Ponte | June 20, 2001Frankly, it is time for those on the Right to oppose anti-human Leftist protesters by organizing protests themselves. Good news: this summer the Arlington, Virginia-based Leadership Institute will be working with the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) and Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) to train college students to travel to Bonn, Germany, as protesters against the insanity of the Kyoto global climate treaty, a treaty that could devastate the global economy and thereby harm the world’s poorest nations most. This will be protesting of the noblest kind, to serve humanity, individual liberty, and economic freedom. Because CFACT’s Executive Director is Craig Rucker, you might think of this coming contest between Right and Wrong protesters as the Rucker Society versus the Ruckus Society.

According to SEPP 2001 filing 990 form, $44,520 was expended for a global climate science project in Bonn, West Germany, including travel expenses. Date given, June 06, 2001, does not correspond to date of student protest, but may reflect the data of transfer of funds prior to travel.
The Week That Was July 14, 2001 brought to you by SEPP
What was once a vague plan has now become reality


Fred Singer can be contacted:

* * July 16, 17 and 18 at Hotel Maritim Königswinter +49-2223-7070, fax +49-2223-707811.
* * July 17 at 1730 Private briefing for media and reception at Hotel Konigshof
* * July 18 at 1600 General briefing at Hotel Maritim-Bonn (COP headquarter hotel)

Here are excerpts from the Washington Times and from CNSNews of June 19
Conservative college students from around the nation will travel to Washington this summer to train in preparation for protests they will hold in Bonn, Germany, against the Kyoto climate treaty.

Following the cue of their classmates on the left, who have protested at other high-profile world events, the students plan to demonstrate peacefully outside of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Bonn, Germany, and distributing literature. They also hope to meet with members of the U.S. delegation to the July 16-27 conference as well as European political leaders and media.

"The bottom line is that we think that all voices should be represented at this conference," said Daniel LaBert, national field director with the campus leadership program at the Arlington-based Leadership Institute.

The nonprofit training organization will host and house about 40 students for a summer workshop on July 11-13 in advance of their trip to Germany. "We´re just going to give them training on how to get their message out," Mr. LaBert said.

The trip is being organized by the institute along with the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) and Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT).

CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker calls the student trip an educational experience to teach students more about the United Nations and how the Kyoto treaty works. "We will plan some events that will draw attention to the fact that there are some young people in America who do not agree with the Kyoto treaty," he said. "We´re going to give these students some more ammunition to understand the problems with the treaty." At a previous U.N. conference at The Hague, college students showed up to support the agreement, he said, "stating their opinion that all youth were for the treaty and we need to act now. We felt it did not encompass the whole viewpoint of youth in the United States and around the world.",02115.cfm
CEI ... As for their reception, the group reported a favorable response and encountered only minor controversy. "I'm glad we were here, to do our part to promote the side of logic. Kyoto is an expensive insurance policy for an empty threat that scientists have not even agreed exists," said Craig Rucker, director of Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, the D.C.-based think tank that, along with the Campus Leadership Program at the Leadership Institute, coordinated the trip. As for who won the debate, Rucker opined that the very fact the Left felt compelled to acknowledge them meant only one outcome was possible.
Copyright © 2001 National Review Online,02089.cfm CEI ... Whether or not most Americans are engaged, these students took it upon themselves to try and impact the process. When asked why they feel suited to argue with U.N. scientists, Steve Watson of The Leadership Institute said, “Of course environmentalists will play up problems and allege catastrophe. That’s their job-they compete with cancer research, illiteracy, and a thousand other social problems for funding. The larger the problem they claim, the more their funding and salaries increase.’’ ... New Twist To Kyoto Protests: Conservative Students Join Fray By Seth Lewis Correspondent June 19, 2001... Some 35 right-leaning college students from around the country will pass out fliers and stage a peaceful demonstration against the Kyoto treaty at next month's United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bonn, Germany.

Before appearing at the July 16-17 conference, the students, who will pay the $1,000-plus tab themselves, will visit Washington for a three-day training hosted by the Leadership Institute.

"We're going to give them the tools to get the message out that not all college students on campuses are extremists," said Rich Moha, national operations director for the institute's campus leadership program.
CFACT Leads “Freedom Safari” to Johannesburg, U.N. Mega-Summit on the earth is target 12/16/2002 8:26:34 PM CFACT activists carried this banner which reads “Save the Earth FROM Sustainable Devel
opment” during a large protest outside the U.N. World Summit.

Among the "Freedom Safari" highlights:
• Prior to departing for South Africa, the delegation had opportunity to meet with officials at the U.S. State Department and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to discuss the Johannesburg agenda and the U.S. position heading into the World Summit. The students also received an intensive half-day workshop at the Leadership Institute regarding strategies and talking points about free-market environmental alternatives.
More on student climate crusade

We consider this first Student Climate Crusade in Bonn an unqualified success. There has never been a demonstration at a Climate Conference in support of the U.S. position (as expressed by the 1997 Senate vote and by George Bush). We may do it again, with the cooperation of CFACT and The Leadership Institute, and involve other organizations opposed to Kyoto.

The Arlington, Virginia-based Leadership Institute has provided Heartland with contact information for more than 200 “active, independent, conservative student organizations on campuses in 40 states and Washington DC,” allowing Heartland to launch its first-ever effort targeted at that audience.

Among our first efforts with the students will be to send a letter introducing them to Heartland and adding them to a permanent complimentary mailing list of Heartland publications. They will be offered complimentary tickets to Heartland events, including the annual benefit, and we hope to work with them to arrange campus appearances by Heartland Senior Fellows and managing editors. We also hope to identify potential interns, develop a cadre of letter-to-the-editor and oped writers, and otherwise work with them to grow their interest in free-market ideas and take advantage of their enthusiasm to help spread Heartland’s message to the next generation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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