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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Bob Burton is a freelance journalist based in Canberra, Australia. Bob is part-time editor of Disinfopedia and has been a regular contributor to PR Watch.

With Nicky Hager he co-authored Secrets and Lies: the anatomy of an anti-environmental PR campaign (Craig Potton Publishing New Zealand 1999; Common Courage Press USA 2000) revealing a campaign by Shandwick New Zealand for a government-owned logging company, Timberlands.

He can be contacted at
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Whatever Bob Burton's past history or accomplishments might have been, when he begins to consistently whitwash disinformation agents he is their collaborator.

An extreme example of whitwash might be if somebody creates a website on O.J. Simpson and tells about all of his achievements and highlights of his career and omits any reference to the one single hour he spent ripping the lives out of two people. That is DISINFORMATION. The significant fact about O.J. is that in one single hour he erased all the glory, erased all the social acceptability. It matters not what colleges he went to, what degrees he obtained, who he was previously employed by.

The same thing goes for present, ongoing, May 25th, 2004, agents of deception. In April and May of 2004, two attacks on the public interest were issued by the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution. This follows a prior history of attack in 2002. At issue is the immensely popular Linux and Open Source Software.

Because of the secretive nature of Alexis de Tocqueville Institution, it is difficult to dig up the dirt. The newspapers and magazines which tried to connect Microsoft to Alexis de Tocqueville Institution have not been able to extract one clear admission on AdTI's part that they received Microsoft funding, and ALL of the reports claiming that Microsoft admitted giving to AdTI are traced back to one single WIRED magazine/webpage article quoting an anonymous executive, in an undisclosed email. This cannot be independently verified.

AdTI has a documented access to legistators, print publishers and radio talk show hosts. They are capable of spreading their version of disinformation to millions in short periods of time.

In order to discredit AdTI it is necessary to go back in their history to the best documented instance of their deception operations, to a 1994 project in the pay of the Tobacco Institute. Here we have confidential documents ripped from the clutches of big tobacco by court order and placed on the internet.

The TRUTH of these documents has been established in due process courtrooms and stands forever unrefutable. Relying on these documents it is possible to find the deliberate deception-for-hire that forever disgraces Alexis de Tocqueville Institution, and neutralizes their capacity to spread smears and confusion. "AdTI? Oh, you mean those tobacco shills -- who cares what they have to say."

One single event is sufficient to undermine AdTI forever. Bringing that to the public is a chore, but not an insurmountable chore.

Changing Alexis de Tocqueville Institution to Alexis de SMOKEville Institution is a currently ongoing operation, which Bob Burton cannot appreciate as it unfolds. He hasn't seen the full picture yet. He is ignorant of the issues. He is self-deceived that is for the purposes of displaying the glorious achievements of predatory citizens, and whitewashing the verified truth about their histories.

It is not that simple to create an offline Disinfopedia page. One cannot preview off line. That means that a netword of pages has to be created online, one-by-one. That means the whole story is not told until the last interconnected hypertext-related pages is in place and all links debugged and filled in. That means that Bob Burton is able to exercise editorial intervention, changing pages behind an author, without even understanding the issues.

The COSTS OF DISINFORMATION has to be high enough to be a deterrent. Getting caught should have a high cost. Bob Burton has been acting to eliminate references to the "getting caught" part of being involved with AdTI deceptions. Pages of culprits where the evidence is well documented are almost instantly reverted by Bob Burton to innocuous flattery pages.

Bob Burton does not believe people should complain as they are being plundered. Language which calls a spade "a spade" is slashed as "polemic", when in fact it was more TRUTHFUL than the Bob Burton that he replaces it with.

In other words, Bob Burton is acting in the best interest of Alexis de SMOKEville Institution by hiding the culpable deeds of their task force of identified, exposed, documented disinformation agents. In that respec he is a Alexis de SMOKEville Institution agent.

You can go to the website and review past changes to pages.

AdTI used the identified, documented, corrupted agents of the Tobacco Institute (Documents online in several searchable databases) to perform dispicable acts of deception. Strong language to condemn this anti-social behavior is appropriate -- after all, if there are NO COSTS to deception, why should anybody choose honesty?

Strong language is not profanity, which I never used. Strong language is not libel, which I never approached. Strong language is zero-tolerance for predatory behaviors in plain everyday language that all people clearly understand. That's what I used.

It would be nice if Open Source fans communicated with Bob Burton about the constitutional amendment of free speech they know nothing about in Australia. If he is afraid Disinfopedia will be sued for TRUTHFUL SPEECH, documented, with links and references, he better be MORE AFRAID of being sued by me.

This current disinformation campaign will be squashed flat, not to ever rear its ugly head again. Currently the Disinfopedia page on de SMOKEville is 6th on the first page of a when doing a search for the keywords Alexis de Tocqueville Institution. People who have been internetting since 1972 (in my case) know how to put it number ONE. We don't need weak words, wimpy history, or whitewash when searchers get there. We need the truth, and we need to tap into people's emotions, their gut feelings, that motivate them to become more than onlookers and act within their power to spread the word and kill the disinformation.

Google Results 1 - 10 of about 27,200 for
alexis de tocqueville Institution

This page on Disinfopedia was only created May 22, and it stands higher than 27,193 other pages. It jumped in popularity after I improved it and promoted it three days ago.

From the hypertext links, branches to the whole sleazy disinformation networks usual suspects will educate legions of people. Face it Bob, this is what Disinfopedia was created to do! Let it do its job!

Triple your server capacity because the tsunami has not yet begun.

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