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Sunday, May 30, 2004
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Patrick Michaels -- Satanic Gasbag.

... (The Satanic Gases: Clearing the Air About Global Warming by Greening Earth Society science advisors Patrick Michaels and Robert Balling) ...

... Greening Earth Society Virtual Climate Alerts are published periodically in response to news coverage of climate-change advocacy that seeks to portray weather events and hypothetical climate scenarios generated by computer-based climate models as "climate reality." Virtual Climate Alert draws upon the expertise of Greening Earth Society science advisors and is coordinated by New Hope Environmental Services of Charlottesville, Virginia. ...

... State of the Climate Report is edited by Dr. Patrick J. Michaels and published by New Hope Environmental Services, Inc. ...

... In his essay kicking off the 36-page report, Michaels -- who is chief editor of Greening Earth Society’s online World Climate Report and author of two books including the forthcoming The Satanic Gases: Clearing the Air About Global Warming ...

... All of them, obviously, appeared in the video that we just saw.

First, let me introduce Dr. Sallie Baliunas who is the Senior Astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Sitting next to Sallie is Dr. Patrick Michaels who is a Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia and also the editor of the [bi-weekly] newsletter World Climate Report that we sponsor.

Sitting next to Dr. Michaels is Dr. Sylvan Wittwer. Sylvan, this in many ways could be said to be your video. Sylvan is the "dean" of the CO2 research -- the positive impact on the biosphere -- that so many people today are studying. He is also Director Emeritus and Professor of Horticulture of the Agricultural Experiment Station at Michigan State University.

And finally, Dr. Robert Balling, who will be forgiven for having on an Arizona State University shirt [in the video]. As you all know, I graduated from the Arizona State University. Dr. Balling runs the Climate Department at Arizona State University. ...


Chief Editor: Dr. Patrick J. Michaels

... Michaels has published ... two books, Sound and Fury: The Science and Politics of Global Warming, published by Cato Books in 1992, and The Satanic Gases, published by Cato Books in 2000.

November 10, 1998

Western Fuels Association's Astroturf Empire
Coal industry campaign multiplies efforts to re-spin global warming

* Western Fuels Association

* Greening Earth Society

* World Climate Report



... Greening Earth Society and Western Fuels are essentially the same organization. Both are located at the same office suite in Arlington, VA. They share the same leader, Fred Palmer, several WFA board members serve as the board for GES, and they have the same "manager of communications and governmental affairs," Ned Leonard. Leonard and Palmer are both registered lobbyists for Western Fuels Association. (1998 Washington Representatives).

The only element absent from WFA's line-up is GES' triumvirate of current leading global warming skeptics: Patrick J. Michaels, Robert Balling, and Sallie Baliunas. Lesser known critics on the GES scientific panel include Sylvan Wittwer, an emeritus agricultural specialist from the University of Michigan, and David Wojick.

Nor is this the first time this particular group of people have worked together to cloud the public's understanding of global warming science Back in the early 1990s, Fred Palmer was Vice President of a now defunct corporate front group, Information Council on the Environment (ICE), which was run by Edison Electric, The Southern Company, and Western Fuels Association. (Climate Action Network newsletter). Robert Balling, Patrick Michaels, and Sherwood Idso all served on the ICE Scientific Advisory Panel. ...

... World Climate Report. (Formerly World Climate Review) ... Patrick Michaels is the Chief editor, while Sallie Baliunas and Robert Balling are contributors. World Climate Report also employs the expertise of Robert Davis (colleague of Michaels' at the University of Virginia), Thomas Gale Moore, resident climate change skeptic of the ultra-conservative George C. Marshall and Cato Institutes, Mark Mills from Mills McCarthy and Associates Inc., (which produced two books for WFA in 1997 according to 1997 annual report, including "Coal: Cornerstone of America's Competitive Advantage in World Markets") and Willie Soon, also a visiting scientist at the Marshall Institute. The Marshall Institute's cadre of "experts" overlaps with Western Fuels experts Sallie Baliunas, Patrick Michaels, Willie Soon, and Thomas Gale Moore. Other Marshall institute experts include Fred Seitz, who also on the board of the Science and Environmental Policy Project, another organization highly critical of the predominant body of global warming science. Baliunas was also the primary scientific spokesperson for the Global Climate Coalition. Baliunas was also the primary scientific spokesperson for the Global Climate Coalition. ...

... Propaganda Watch
In February, the Heartland Institute merged its Environment News with the World Climate Report to create Environment & Climate News, which bills itself as "the monthly publication for new-era environmentalists." That may sound like good news, but as Culturewatch reporter Bill Berkowitz points out, Heartland is "one of the most important state-based conservative policy groups." No wonder Environment & Climate News’s premier issue attacked the Kyoto Treaty on greenhouse gases and claimed the "link between deaths and climate [is] weakening over time."

Environment & Climate News writer Robert C. Balling has garnered nearly $200,000 from the British Coal Corporation and the German Coal Mining Association. Environment & Climate News contributor Patrick J. Michaels is the former publisher of World Climate Review, which is funded by the Western Fuels Association (WFA), a pro-coal lobby that says global warming "has led to an explosion of productivity in the biosphere." Michaels reportedly received a total of $167,000 in research grants from the Western Fuels Association, Edison Electric Institute, Cyprus Minerals, and the German Coal Mining Association.

The Western Fuels Association launched the Greening Earth Society to promote the notion that "using fossil fuel to enable our economic activity is as natural as breathing." The groups share the same office in Arlington, Virginia, and the same boss: Frederick D. Palmer, former VP of the Information Council on the Environment, a front-group backed by Western Fuels Association. ...

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