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Thursday, June 03, 2004
A BIG MISTAKE is ignoring documented evidence...


Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, June 03 2004 @ 04:01 PM EDT
While most of the ledgers showing payments from Big Tobacco to Alexis de
SMOKEville institution are not online because:
(1) they were shreaded, or
(2) they were never located by the states attorney generals in discovery of
multi-billion dollar suits, or
(3) they were not admitted into evidence, therefore not part of the judgement of
what had to be made public, or
(4) Linux Geeks and Open Source Socialists stole them to use in some free=pirate
software releases, or
(5) whatever ...

Here's one record that is online showing how one of the "IMPARTIAL"
peer-reviewers for AdTI smokescreen reports in 1994 by Fred Singer and Kent
Jeffreys received $65,663 in payoffs from The Tobacco Institute, Inc., the same
outfit who commissioned two reports by AdTI.

Robert D. Tollison received these chreck numbers:

page 6:
Cumulative General Ledger the Tobacco Institute Inc. Period Ending 09-30-87
* Robert D. Tollison Check #42538 87-MAR-30 $16,450
* Robert D. Tollison Check #44247 87-MAY-29 $14,075
page 7:
* Robert D. Tollison Check #45160 87-JUL-07 $27,388
* Robert D. Tollison Check #45717 87-JUL-22 $7,750
(Totals paid over 5 months = $65,663.)

S. Fred Singer was on the payroll of the Tobacco Institute for over two decades,
but the ledgers showing the payments have not yet surfaced to confirm the memos
and letters and meeting minutes which do survive.

Both Tollison and Singer were connected to the Institute of Human Studies at
George Mason University (Koch-funded) at the moments of the 1994 AdTI
(Scaife-funded) fraudulent science reports. At least 14 of the 19 person
"Academic Advisory Board", or "peer-reviewers" have
paid-linkages to the Tobacco Institute.

The two 1994 reports were hit pieces designed to do character assassination to
the credibility and process of the Environmental Protection Agency weighing in
on the "Environmental Tobacco Smoke" (ETS) known as "second-hand
smoke". AdTI has documented shameless history of knowingly preparing false
and fraudulent reports for the purpose of character assassination.

To make any other assumption that AdTI has the slightest bit of integrity or
"honest difference of opinion" behind their blatent character
assassinations is to fail to follow the links I have published on Groklaw ---
your LAZINESS does not equate to any presumption of AdTI's innocence -- the
incontrovertable evidence of AdTI corruption has been posted here, on usenet
sci.environment group archives, and numerous weblogs including

Signed by Lion Kuntz
Vampire Slayer
Motto: "When I am done with them, they never get up again".

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