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Saturday, June 05, 2004
Why speculate and guess when the evidence exists?

Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, June 05 2004 @ 05:23 AM EDT

Why speculate and guess when the evidence exists?

In 1993 the EPA declared second hand smoke a class a carcinogen. The tobacco
companies went ballistic. They hired everybody who would lie, and paid big bucks
to do it. Then 46 states attorneys generals sued the tobacco companies and
obtained in discovery (just like SCO does with AIX code) millions of lines of
memos, reports, etc. Eventually the tobacco companies lost the suit and the
evidence was ordered posted online for the public to see and learn what dirty
tricks the tobacco liars had done.

AdTI was one of thos liars.

Here's a blog that keeps some links to those records:
"The ADTI-Philip Morris file

This is a list of the documents that detail the astroturf campaign conducted by
the Alexis de Tocqueville Institute (ADTI) on behalf of Philip Morris (PM)
against the Clinton health plan in 1994. They were obtained by a search for
“fname: anti-tax” in the Philip Morris documents archive. "

Try Omentioned: ADTI
or Omentioned: Alexis de Tocqueville

The files are returned in a jumbled order. It takes study to put them in
sequence and understand the consequence, but the short story is this: AdTI is a
professional character assassination service. In 1993-1994 they were hired to
blindside the EPA and destroy its credibility as part of a campaign that was
budgetted for $16,000,000 in 1990, and the money kept flowing in following

AdTI is a professional smear organization that does this for a living. Now they
are hired by M$ to do to Open Source and Linux what they did to the EPA in 1994.
And they are only part of the hit mob, composed of impressive-sounding named
organizations that are fronts for big businesses of the dirtiest kinds.

You don't have to guess and speculate.

Ken Brown's salary is posted on the IRS forms (990's they are called), at I read them. Ken Brown took home $120,000 in his first year on
the job. They don't pay that kind of money to people who make dumb mistakes
writing reports getting the facts wrong by mistake.

They pay $120,000 compensation for taking the heat when you tell bold lies on
purpose for covert clients, while lobbying government to make laws the way the
client wants them made. If Ken Brown has to take some crap from yappie weiner
dogs of Linux crowd, impotent, powerless, nobodies, well, $120,000 buys a lot of
scotch whiskey that drowns out the sound of the annoying little gnats.

Count the wasted manhours, wasted bytes, of uninformed speculations and
arguments, when the power of the computer is at your fingetips, and real
evidence is waiting for you to come get it, organize it, and post it so that
something good gets done with all those calories of food you cram in your faces.
You are under assault, and you don't understand who is doing it, how it's being
done, who the orchestrators are. If AdTI takes away your Linux and enslaves you
to M$, it's no big loss -- you won't miss the freedom to use computers because
you never really used your freedoms when you had the freedom to defend yourself.

Yeah waste your time guessing and trading uninformed opinions -- that'll show
'em they can't mess with Linux weiners! Why, you'll post something on a blog or
slashdot, and by golly they'll be sorry.


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