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Sunday, June 06, 2004

"Hybrid Source" is AdTI FUD terminology...

Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, June 07 2004 @ 01:58 AM EDT

Hybrid source is a propaganda term invented by the allies of Microsoft
enslavement. It is only used by disinformation agents paid salaries to spend
time on the internet and pretend that there is such a thing.

46 states attorneys general filed lawsuits against a tobacco conspiracy of
disinformation -- it generated several million documents posted public domain

I am currently going through the 1988-1996 records. AdTI is significantly
enlisted, as an organization, to carry the tobacco message in a campaign to
discredit the EPA and the Clinton administration's efforts to regulate tobacco.

In 1994, AdTI published two reports, muddying the waters. At the same time a
permanent effort was established to discredit any science that was unfavorable
to big tobacco, as "junk science". In the first of two reports issued
by AdTI in 1994, the list of names attached is tied to confidential reports and
secret memos, now online for anybody to see. So far I have identified $65,000
paid to Tollison over five months, with check numbers. I find a bidding war
between Cato and Competitive Enterprise Institutes, where C.E.I. is asking RJ
Reynold's for $200,000 per year for two years, claiming they believe they can
get Michael Gough to spin for them -- but Cato ends up with Gough (still owns
his soul to this very day). Gough is another endorser of the primary 1994 AdTI

In 1991 Cato asks Philip Morris for $5,000 donation for sponsoring a seminar
that Gough is a speaker, outlining how to attack the EPA's science -- what
vulnerabilities to exaggerate. Cato later asks for, receives, thanks, and
receives acknowledgement of thanks, over a $50,000 contribution from Philip

S, Fred Singer, listed as co-author of both AdTI's 1994 reports is the FIRST
name that comes up in a brainstorming session about creating the "sound
science" smear organization. The 1993 creation of TASSC is documented in
detail, with $200,000 budgetted for the first year in the USA, and $350,000
budgetted for EuroTASSC. Singer is involved with both of them from the ground
floor, especially recruiting gullible and/or corruptable scientists.

Every single person from George Mason University economic department (where
Singer sometimes hangs his hat in a branch called deceptively "Institute
for Humane Studies") is used by PM, Tobacco Institute, or RJ Reynolds,
between 1988 and 1995.

Kent Jeffreys, Singer's co-author is plucked from C.E.I. for the hit pieces, is
temporarily called "Adjunct Fellow" of AdTI for the purposes of these
two smear reports. Cesar Conda, Executive Director of of AdTI is all over
capital hill in illegal lobbying peddling these fraudulent reports to influence
votes of congress. Immediately after, Jeffrey's shed's the C.E.I. and AdTI
labels and pops up as Heritage Foundation Fellow. (Heritage has a M$ VP on the
board of directors, by the way -- not that this is relevent to 1994 AdTI work.)

AdTI has skills and experience in deception, has already identified all the
internet places that need Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, sown among the readers to
castrate the backlash against their present operation on behalf of a major
"unidentified" sponsor.

Nobody uses the term "hybrid source" anywhere on the internet except
those following the AdTI game-plan. This is full contact sports -- they play to
win, they play foul, they lie with every breath they take.

Currently every person ever associated with AdTI is being researched back to the
first grade. Every public filing they ever made is being reviewed. The
"AdTI Report" will document every vicious thing they have done, any of
them, leaving them with no career fallback position. There has to be a
"high cost" for treachery, and the cost has to be high enough and
conspicuous enough that there is a clear public deterrent.

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