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Saturday, June 12, 2004

scientifically-corrupted Frederick Seitz, ethically-crippled George C. Marshall Institute.

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Subject: scientifically-corrupted Frederick Seitz,  the ethically-crippled George C. Marshall Institute.

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Famous Tobacco-salesman, the scientifically-corrupted Frederick Seitz, is being dishonored by being cited by the ethically-crippled George C. Marshall Institute.


Misuse of Science  Date: 09 Mar 1994

Length: 2 pages


The corrupt George C. Marshall Institute, used the corrupt Sallie Baliunas, and the corrupt Willie Soon, conspired to orchestrate a fraudulent Anti-Kyoto petition from the obscene OISM microbrain-trust at Oregon State University, using a counterfeit "scientific paper" which was never peer-reviewed or published in any respected journal, and a baloney letter from the fallen Seitz riding on his long-lost NAS credentials.

The deceptive team of fraudulent Frederick Seitz, the corrupt Sallie Baliunas and the incompetent and inconsequential nobody Willie Soon, are all outcasts from the modern scientific community. In fact, when money corruption got placement of a paper by the science whores Balliunas and Soon, SIX editors quit the magazine rather than be tainted by a now-unimportant and untrustworthy journal.


Fredrerick Seitz was thorougly corrupt long before the Marshall Institute gave him a home -- the evidence just was not visible in public.

As early as 1980, Seitz was a paid consultant for Rj Reynolds tobacco company:

"While the report is primarily focused on the topic of global warming and ozone layer depletion, it briefly reviews ten other issues on which the public has been misled. ETS is mentioned as one of the the report (p:7).

What makes this report particularly significant is that it is authored by Dr. Frederick Seitz."


So in early 1994, the corrupt Frederick Seitz has his coming out at the shill Debutant's Ball. And considering the ever-after relationship with the corrupt S. Fred Singer, both officers of the SEPPtic tank "Science and Environmental Policy Project", it is worth noting that the corrupt S. Fred Singer is taking boodles of cash to the bank authoring similar smokescreens on behalf of the tobacco industry "Whitecoats Project".

In order to be effective, both these SEPPtic tank floaters have to create the appearance that they are not taking money from the tobacco companies while the tobacco companies are pretending they are not putting words in their sock-puppets mouths.


The completely-untrustworthy Frederick Seitz has aided and abetted corporate serial murderers to escape restraints and regulations, contributing to literally millions of anguishing and painful deaths around the world. The contemptable Frederick Seitz, and his criminal accomplices in the lung pollution industry is not limited to cancer-sticks. The worst killer super-cyclone in 800 years of recorded India history killed at least 10,000 people in Orissa, India, in one of the hottest years the human race has ever recorded, 1999.

86% of the coral nurseries of oceanic fish, the coral reefs came with days of heat death in 1998. The irreparible harm that sociopaths like Frederic Seitz are causing by muddying science for their paltry dollars in deception payoff money is grounds for execution for crimes against humanity, crimes against future generations, crimes against nature. Frankly, Earth has no place for the corrupt Frederic Seitz, nor is there any room for the corrupt George C. Marshall Institute

Additional corruption documentation that puts the current activities of Seitz, and all, in prospective are duplicated in assorted locations:

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