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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A Challenge to AdTI's corrupt behaviors, past and present

Just my opinion: I think Lion's heart is in the right place, but also that his inclination towards fiery rhetoric tends to make him less believable. Every time I read something he wrote, I get a vision of him frantically pounding on the keyboard while steam blows out of his ears.

I think he'd be more effective if he could express himself in a less emotional manner.

To show you how wrong you are, I tell you to go to http://exxonsecrets.or g/html/listorganizations.php and click the link on the lefthand side of the page titled Launch Flash Application.

This entire website is only about ExxonMobil's covert funding of Global Warming Deceivers -- paid professional liars. AdTI is on the list, but no direct funding from Exxon was traced so they are a bit player on the list,and wouldn't even be included except that they are a member of "Cooler Heads Coalition".

Since every organization on their list has other dirtywork it is involved in, besides defrauding the public about real-now-happening-already Global Warming, their list and connections is woefully inadequate. That means YOUR LIST, which is much more deficient than their list at this link I gave you, is even MORE DEFICIENT. A person who is as ill-informed, and ill-equiped to follow the evidence ought not be criticising genuine emotional reaction to the discovery of evidence of subversion of the United States of America.

You may not have any love for the USA, may not even live in the USA, but as the only country I have, I resent its destruction, I resent its perversion, I resent the HOSTILE TAKEOVER. Yes, I called for the hanging of five supreme court judges for treason in voiding the constitution in 2000. Over 2,000 deans of law schools, jurists and lawyers have agreed that the intervention in the Florida recount case was improper -- they just won't go far enough to declare that arrest warrants by fifty states attorneys general for the dispicable scoundrels is in their best interest. (The best interest in the orderly progress and freedom of citizens of the United States seems not part of their decision-making.)

Having been formally diagnosed with two life-threatening health conditions with high-risk of sudden death, I am not guaranteed TOMORROW, let alone a decade to argue my points, and present the evidence. Anything I leave undone today may be forever undone, especially considering the help I am getting from people like you.

AdTI did me, did all of us, a favor, by raising the annoyance level high enough to look at them -- really look at them. The associates one sees are scoundrels, and the deeds they have on record are offensive in the extreme. But their involvement in criminal conspiracy with the tobacco consortiums was revealed by old trial evidence, posted on the internet by court orders for the world to see how dirty the whole thing really was. YOU just won't look at the evidence the courts provided for your education, so you are self-inflicted ignorant of facts that those of us who use our freedoms (and use the evidence the courts order online to be available for our use) have knowledge of.

Steam coming out the ears is the ONLY PROPER RESPONSE to learning about the subversive operations of serial conspirators involved in corporate serial murders as getaway drivers. AdTI has helped criminals, is helping criminals, get away with murder. And here is where I published the facts where I justify that statement:

[NOTE there are no spaces in these links -- a defect in groklaw software inserts visible blanks, but the links are stored internally correctly. Clich and they work, cut & paste, and they don't all work.]

There is a legal concept called "NOTICE". It means that one a person has received sufficient facts to alert and inform them of something, in a manner where they will not be able to prove in court they did not receive those facts. An example of notice is me posting facts and statements, and YOU posting a reply signifying you had access and did in fact NOTICE my statements. From that day forward you have an obligation mandated by law to deal with those facts as an average person of normal intelligence would investigate and confirm or deny the validity of the facts.

In everyday life we NOTICE things, and our mandated duty is nil. Only when we cross threshhold of behavior, say publish disparaging statements about another to reduce their credibility -- in other words, use language to injure or harm them -- does the duty rise to a mandatory requirement to investigate the facts. Lawsuits are relatively cheap and easy in this modern world. If AtDI doesn't like my posted webpages they can sue me -- and if I don't like your misrepresentations of my work, I can sue you. SCO v Everybody is misleading in depicting normal lawsuits as overly complex and difficult -- normally there's not much to it in most cases.

Now in the case of AdTI, they have to ask themselves if they want me (and several legal teams from well-funded environmentalist groups) to have rights of discovery and depositions to persons mentioned in my webpages. If they fear what can be drawn out, they might decline to register a legal complaint. Now, if you go back to that http://exxonsecrets.or g/html/listorganizations.php and click the link on the lefthand side of the page titled Launch Flash Application, and find S. Fred Singer, you will notice this website considers him a central key figure, whose filecabinets and personal financial records are of keen interest to Greenpeace in discovery and depositions by organizations able to bring more legal muscle than SCO, in fact organizations with access to a lot more cash than SCO's litigation warchest.

The question AdTI has to ask is this: dare AdTI open the door to a public inspection of S. Fred Singer's finances for the past ten years, or does AdTI have to stand there and take it while Lion Kuntz shreads their reputation in broad daylight in full public display? The answer to those kinds of questions depends on if you believe Kuntz will weary before dissolution of AdTI occurs. AdTI is linked to an entire corrupt law school in the first document listed above, and to several deep-pockets billionaires who I will strip down to their naked skin and leave them pennyless if they open that door.

And the question you have to ask yourself is this: do you feel like facing a guy who knows he's dying and doesn't care about his personal long-term, and has sued people, has sued corporations, and has plenty of facts documented which have already passed through due process of law in federal courts? As Dirty Harry put it: "Are you feeling lucky, punk?"

So, if you are not feeling lucky, don't get in the way of a guy that you see steam pouring out of his ears, because S. Fred Singer is going down, AdTI is going down, and you (without a millionth of the financial resources they have) are really not a very lucky guy. Unlike Dirty Harry in the movie, I haven't shot all my bullets. In fact, I'm sitting on an ammo dump, and I can outlast AdTI and the whole crowd in Exxon's subversive army. Since the one thing I don't have is time, from here on out I'll be hosing like Rambo.

Sincerely, Lion Kuntz
Santa Rosa, California, USA

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The author, Lion Kuntz, takes full responsibility for the consequences of this publication and asserts a Constitutional Right to make these statements based on the Bill of Rights, First Amendment thereto, on the grounds of a duty required as Melchizedek Priest privileged under the Freedom of Religion provision. TRUE SPEECH rights are also asserted under the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press provisions. This publication may not be pre-emptively censored, and full due process of law is demanded and defended.

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