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Thursday, August 05, 2004
Reflections on 'Reflections on Intellectual Property Rights'

Reflections on 'Reflections on Intellectual Property Rights'
Authored by: LionKuntz on Thursday, August 05 2004 @ 04:12 PM EDT
Oh, give me a break. The article is thickly marbled with lard, brain-clogging
irrelevent fatty molecules of words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs. It could
be trimmed by a decent editor to 10% of it's original bulk.

Trotting out motherhood, apple pie, the flag, god and patriotism, we are
expected to salute this thing instead of think about the key parts.

Appeals to sappy self-interest saccarine avoids the fact that self-interest is
working both sides of this street. Programmers like to get paid. Innovators like
to get paid. Companies like to get paid. Those who did nothing want benefits of
others work for free, or as cheap as they can get it. Self-interest wants others
intellectual property without turning over any chattel in exchange.

The patent law was designed for both sides. It was not designed for instant
gratification for the stingy. Your children can have this invention for free in
a generation (20ish years or thereabouts) in exchange THIS generation has to get
off their wallets and pay the guy who makes both your life and future
generations lives better. If you don't like the price, don't pay it, but the
IP is not your property until the 20 years is up.

Nobody owes Linux users anything. Not Linus, not FSF, not IBM. Get used to that
reality because it is never going to change no matter how much lard you throw at
it. YOU are entitled to YOUR productivity as a natural right, and NOTHING MORE.
Everything else you have to negotiate and bargain for.

The fact that some people have donated some of their brainsweat to you free of
charge does not convey any rights that all brainsweat should be without charge

I notice that Pamela Jones employer bought and paid for a study that claims that
patents may infringe on Linux, but they have not Open Sourced that study.

They didn't donate the intellectual work that tells which patents they found so
that many eyes can double check what might well be propaganda misleading the
public about Linux vulnerabilities.

I notice they charge $150,000 insurance policy to indemnify Linux users against
(FUD?) patent infringement causes of action. It is in their financial
self-interest to foster fear about being sued, uncertainty about what the
lawsuit might be based upon, and doubt about the ability to rely on Linux.

Yeah, friends like that might spam the internet with news stories about how
protecting innovators is the enemy, and we need to get rid of innovator
protection. Lobbing stinkbombs of unsubstantiated news stories onto the tech
news websites is not particularly a friendly act.

In the early 1970s I made some inventions. Then I looked around at the current
scene. The longest running lawsuit in the history of lawsuits (17 years that
lawsuit took) was Dupont being sued over the patent-infringement of
polypropylene , the plastic they make car battery cases and extension cord
insulation wire out of. I knew then that the innovator was without genuine

Here it is more than 30 years later and neither the next generation nor YOUR
generation has ever benefited from my inventions because I didn't patent any
with worthless patent protection, and you didn't/won't receive the benefits of
public domain after 20 years. My patents would have expired 15 years ago.

I wouldn't have benefitted in either case, patenting or burying the inventions,
because there are theives as far as the eye can see in all directions. You
don't even have a clue what you lost out on.

The Free Software movement was in no small part motivated by people who resented
the theft of their intellectual property and preferred to give it away without
compensation in a rigged economy, a corrupt society, that lets thieves get away
with theft.

The free software undermines the corruption of the monopolist cartels of big
software industry.

That was their choice.

It is not your inalienable right to have "free" software.

I gave away algorithms to the public domain back when some of you weren't even

Some of you grew up using concepts which I donated which made your life richer.

Just because I gave in the past does not mean you own what I know -- you're
worse than SCO, who at least has a written contract of sorts with IBM.

You own NOTHING of my brainsweat and get NOTHING that either (A) I don't donate
of my free will, or else (B) you bargain with me and get off your wallets. Get
used to reality.

The shortest path to killing the goose that lays the golden eggs is empty
threats -- my willingness to take my brainsweat to the grave trumps your lard.
Atlas Shrugged.

The only threat worse than the attack of the software patents is the attack ON
software patents.

Show me that you will yank out corruption from this society and I will pour out
inventions upon you that you cannot imagine, literally CANNOT imagine. But I
will dole them out my way. You OWE me a non-corrupt society, the same as I OWE
you that very same thing. Failure to use any of your time or energy to deliver
on your duty and responsibility is inexcusable.

Here is where I did research and Open Sourced my research of threats far worse
than patent attacks. If you want to get excited and up in arms, do something
about these:

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