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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Fresh Links to Republican FELONY FRAUD SmearBoats villians

HOT NEWS! Exposing more on the Felony Fraud SwiftLiars Organized Crime connections

LATEST NEWS - August 23, 2004

**  Swift Boat Veterans for Truth acknowledged that a woman who helped set it up and works for it is an officer of the Majority Leader's Fund, a political action committee affiliated with the former House majority leader Richard Armey of Texas. ... Susan Arceneaux is named as the contact person on the post office box that Swift Boat Veterans for Truth lists as its address. She is also treasurer of the Majority Leaders Fund. Records show that like Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the group receives significant financing from Bob Perry, a Texan who has long supported Bush, and his company, as well as Sam and Charles Wyly, prominent Texas Republican donors. Sam Wyly, under the name Republicans for Clean Air, took out ads in 2000 criticizing the environmental record of Sen. John McCain.

** "These Charges are False": Los Angeles Times

** Silver Star incident: Langhofer, on other boat, saw firing from both banks of a river.

** Vets, others call for resignation of prosecutor in SwiftLies ad

** Republican prosecutor Alfred French's lies on affidavit about events he did not witness.

** Republican prosecuter's Anti-Kerry hearsay is worthless.

August 22 or earlier:

** BusinessWeek: Flinging the Foul Mud of Vietnam. John Kerry returned a hero. The smears his political enemies are now flinging mark them -- not him -- as beneath contempt

** Kerry also picked up support from Wayne D. Langhofer, who told The Washington Post he was manning a machine gun in a boat behind Kerry's and saw firing from both banks of a river as Kerry dived in to rescue Special Forces soldier James Rassmann, the basis for Kerry's Bronze Star.

** Bush campaign admits "Cordier was a supporter of the President during the 2000 election and served as a member of the President's veterans' steering committee during this election."

** Registered Republican SwillBoat Ad Shill was not there.

** SwillBoat prosecutors presents heresay as if he was eyewitness.

** SwillBoater claims he has no evidence

** SwiftLie vet working to help re-elect incumbent president George W. Bush resigned

** More Republican Ties Revealed Behind "Swift Boat Vets For Bush"

** Bush Campaign Drops Swift Boat Ad Figure -- Cordier's connection to the Bush campaign was made public yesterday by the Kerry campaign, which found that Cordier had been named on the Bush Web site earlier this month as a member of the veterans committee

** Cordier was SWFT and GOP operative at same time. Kenneth Cordier, a retired colonel ... who appeared in an advertisement to be aired by the anti-Kerry group, SWVT, would on longer serve in his voluntary position on President George W. Bush's veterans steering committee.

** Republican Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, said that while the group had "every right" to express their opinion, "WE OUGHT TO GET OUT OF THE CHARACTER ASSASSINATION BUSINESS."

NEWS - August 21, 2004


** Swift Boat Accounts Incomplete And Flawed

**,1,1611037.story?coll=chi-news-hed Anti-Kerry vets not there that day

**,1,7582568.story?coll=chi-news-hed Swift boat skipper: Kerry critics wrong -- Tribune editor breaks long silence on Kerry record; fought in disputed battle

** Kerry's Vietnam-era testimony criticized in new attack ad -- Democrat counters with endorsement by retired general

** Dems see link to Swift Boat Vets, Bush-Cheney


*** George W. Bush - Closely tied to Merrie Spaeth's husband Tex Lezar, benefitted from Bob Perry money, linked to Karl Rove, to Stevens Reed Curcio & Potholm, to Regnery publishing, to Harlan Crow GOOGLE.COM Results 220 for "George W. Bush" Merrie Spaeth Tex Lezar. GOOGLE.COM Results 257 for "George W. Bush" "Tex Lezar". GOOGLE.COM Results 613 for "George W. Bush" "Bob Perry"".

*** Karl Rove - Closely linked to GW Bush, to Merrie Spaeth, to John O'Neill, to Bob Perry, to Harlan Crow, to organized crime conspiracies of Philip Morris GOOGLE.COM Results 5,100 for "Karl Rove" "Swift Boat".

*** Merrie Spaeth (Tex Lezar) Linked to GW Bush, Linked to smears of John McCain using same criminal fraud tactics, to Karl Rove, Bob Perry, to Ken Starr, linked to organized crime tobacco conspiracies GOOGLE.COM Results 814 for "Merrie Spaeth" republican. GOOGLE.COM Results 317 for "Merrie Spaeth" "Tex Lezar". GOOGLE.COM Results 10 for "Tex Lezar" tobacco.

*** Roy F. Hoffmann, a retired rear admiral and a leader of the group

*** John E. O'Neill (Charles Colson apprentice) Linked to Nixon, registered republican and donor, linked to Crow and Perry, to Corsi and Regnery GOOGLE.COM Results 482 for "John E. O'Neill" Colson.'Neill

*** Harlan Crow (Swiftliars funder) Linked to Bush, to Perry AEI board, GOOGLE.COM Results 113 for "Harlan Crow" Holdings. GOOGLE.COM Results 217 for "Harlan Crow" swift.

*** Bob J. Perry (Swiftliars funder) Linked to Bush, Rove, Crow GOOGLE.COM Results 1,630 for "Bob Perry" swift.

*** Stevens Reed Curcio & Potholm, (SwillBoat Ad maker) Linked to republican party, numerous republican polician campaigns GOOGLE.COM Results 43 for "Stevens Reed Curcio & Potholm" swift.

*** Regnery, a conservative company linked to Richard Mellon Scaife who manipulates best-seller book list rankings, to Ken Starr, to Corsi and O'Neill GOOGLE.COM Results 146 for "Regnery Publishing" Richard Mellon Scaife.

*** Jerome R. Corsi Linked to Richard Scaife, to O'Neill, to Regnery

*** Dr. Louis Letson

*** William L. Schachte Jr., a retired rear admiral

*** Larry Thurlow, who said his boat was 50 to 60 yards from Mr. Kerry's.

The felony fraud organized crime ring is further connected to other organiced crime fraud operations:

### Richard Mellon Scaife <> is trumpetting it from his publications. Scaife is historically linked to several of the felons in the SwiftLiars crime ring. Scaife also funds a broad coalition of websites and front organizations which are also promoting this felony conspiracy though their own fraud crime operations:

Scaife thrall organization and Scaife leash-dollars put in it:

*** Heritage Foundation, $20,696,640 ( GOOGLE.COM Results  Results 6,000 for "Heritage Foundation" Swift boat OR Boats.

*** American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research $5,201,000 GOOGLE.COM Results  Results 1,750 for "American Enterprise Institute" Swift boat OR Boats.

*** American Spectator Educational Foundation, Inc. $4,144,000 GOOGLE.COM Results  Results 1,920 for "American Spectator" Swift boat OR Boats.

*** Accuracy in Media, Inc. $3,225,000 GOOGLE.COM Results  Results 2,880 for "Accuracy in Media" Swift boat OR Boats.

*** Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation $2,335,000 GOOGLE.COM Results  Results about 2,590 for "Citizens for a Sound Economy" Swift boat OR Boats.

*** Cato Institute $1,872,500 GOOGLE.COM Results  Results 1,920 for "Cato Institute" Swift boat OR Boats.

*** National Center for Policy Analysis $1,760,000 GOOGLE.COM Results  Results 2,550 for "National Center for Policy Analysis" Swift boat OR Boats.

*** Independent Women's Forum $1,600,000 GOOGLE.COM Results  Results 2,670 for "Independent Women's Forum" Swift boat OR Boats.

*** Competitive Enterprise Institute $1,525,000 GOOGLE.COM Results  Results 2,550 for "Competitive Enterprise Institute" Swift boat OR Boats.

*** American Legislative Exchange Council $1,495,000 GOOGLE.COM Results  Results 2,480 for "American Legislative Exchange Council" Swift boat OR Boats.

*** Defenders of Property Rights $965,000 GOOGLE.COM Results  Results 2,440 for "Defenders of Property Rights" Swift boat OR Boats.

*** Media Research Center, Inc. $952,000 GOOGLE.COM Results  Results 5,240 for "Media Research Center" Swift boat OR Boats.

*** Institute for Humane Studies $950,000 GOOGLE.COM Results  Results 2,450 for "Institute for Humane Studies" Swift boat OR Boats.

*** National Center for Public Policy Research, Inc. $825,000 2,610 for "National Center for Public Policy Research" Swift boat OR Boats.

*** Media Institute $645,000 GOOGLE.COM Results  Results 1,200 for "Media Institute" Swift boat OR Boats.

*** Acton Institute For The Study of Religion and Liberty $565,000 GOOGLE.COM Results  Results 2,470 for "Acton Institute" Swift boat OR Boats.

### Sun Myung Moon is another felony fraud conspirator using his organized crime operation to advance his candidate who has a bilnd eye to Moon's crimes. The WASHINGTON TIMES and UPI wireservice is Moonie front operations. <>

*** GOOGLE.COM Results 42,600 for "Washington Times" Swift boat OR Boats.

SUN MYUNG MOON uses "CHURCH PROPERTY", helps create 42,600 webpages circulating LIES.

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